10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience
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10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience.


With the invent of smart phones more part of our everyday conversations have moved online. We send hundreds of texts, tweets, and messages every day, and mobile phones seem to be an irreplaceable partner when it comes to communication.

The only drawback of mobile devices is that typing is sometimes a real pain. The role of the keyboard is absolutely critical when it comes to communicating with a mobile device and engaging in activities. This is why users tend to often go for a third party keyboard apps to be able to increase keyboard productivity and perform tasks and activities with much more ease.

If you’re looking for alternative keyboard options for your device to have things done with more efficiency you’ve come to the right place. Find below a list of advanced keyboard apps that are sure to provide better user experience. Many of them can be used both on IOS and Android devices.



Gboard10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience
Gboard is backed by Google itself and is an advanced keyboard app with a built in Google search functionality. You can search and send literally anything from Google including locations, weather forecast, images, videos, news articles and more. Also, the app allows you to search for GIFs and emojis and supports glide typing for a better and faster typing experience. It’s kind of a whole search engine incorporated in your keyboard.

The app is available for both Android and IOS devices.



Sticker Market

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10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

If you like to spice up your conversations with stickers and funny GIFs, Sticker Market has got you covered. It’s an all-in-one keyboard for both IOS and Android users, which has all your favorite stickers, emojis, trending GIFS and templates right at your hands. And the best thing is that you don’t have to be switching between apps to get them.

You can also create your own face emojis, and upload your own sticker sets to the platform, where everyone around the world can download them and use. The keyboard supports 7 languages and comes with light and dark keyboard themes.



10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

Swiftkey makes typing a breeze and frees you from the hassle of correcting typos. It uses artificial intelligence to provide the best typing experience, by predicting and suggesting the words that you use the most. So, if you’re using nicknames and slang words Swiftkey remembers them all.

The keyboard comes with a number of themes and designs, provides support for emoji and GIF usage. Also,  the keyboard has an awesome bilingual auto-correcting functionality working with over 90 languages.


Talk Type
10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

Talk Type is built for devices working with the Android operating system and can be found on the Google Play Store. It’s the first voice-centric keyboard available which comes with an advanced speech engine and provides an extremely accurate voice to text converting experience.

You can use your voice while writing texts messages and emails, chatting on Facebook messenger and WhatsApp, or while taking notes in EverNote. Although its main mission is to recognize your voice and convert it into text, the app also comes with a fully functional alphabetic keyboard with Swipe functionality.

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MyScript Stack
10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

Available for IOS users, MyScript Stack provides a handwriting alternative for your keyboard. It actually instantly recognizes your written input and converts it into text.

It comes with a super advanced input panel and lets you write characters on top of each other, which eventually make up a word or a sentence. The app allows you to input names, addresses, tweets, post updates and more. You can also edit or correct the content you’ve written.



10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

TouchPal is an emoji keyboard, which also helps you to type faster and better by using its TouchPal Curve functionality. You have thousands of emojis and GIFs at your disposal, as well as dictionaries and super fast text prediction.

The keyboard is absolutely customizable allowing you to change its color, wallpaper, layout and even set your personal photo as a theme for the keyboard. Also, the app boosts you battery charging speed.



10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

Popkey is an animated GIF keyboard, which allows you to discover, personalize and share your favorite GIFs in almost all communication apps and platforms.

It brings the latest and greatest GIFs to one place and makes it easy for the users to browse the most popular GIFs out there. The app features an advanced search functionality, to let you quickly find the GIFs best matching your content.

Another great thing about the app is that you can create and upload your own GIFs to the app and share them with friends and other users.

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10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

Ginger is an advanced keyboard with super fast and high-quality swipe typing. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze your texts and provide better predictions, grammar, and autocorrect options for your texts, emails, and posts.

Also, there are tons of emojis, animated GIFs, games, and themes at your disposal, and the support for over 50 languages. You can find it in the Google Play Store.




10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

Themeboard is a beautifully designed simple app for IOS users, which allows you to personalized your keyboard and give it a look and feel you want.

It enables designers and illustrators to create quality keyboard themes and wallpapers and share them with users across the world.

The keyboard supports all the features of IOS keyboard and comes with a number of additional options, like the text to emoji suggestions and more.



Color Keyboard Maker

10 Best Keyboard Apps for Better User Experience

With Color Keyboard Maker you can take your phone keyboard to a whole new level by changing your keyboard theme, background, button colors, and fonts.

It provides faster and more accurate typing experience and supports over 40 languages and tons of emoji emoticons. The keyboard works with any app.


Here are 10 great keyboard alternatives that come with advanced functionality and help you write a better and accurate content. The apps listed can be used on IOS and Android devices and



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