13 Speed Dating Facts You’ve Never Heard of

13 Speed Dating Facts You’ve Never Heard of
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So, what is speed ​​dating? Just a fresh format of dating, or maybe there’s more to it? Let’s see if these 13 facts will help you figure this out.

  1. Speed dating we know today appeared in the United States in 1998 as meetings for Jewish singles. They were organized by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo. The idea came from the ancient tradition of helping single Jews meet people of the same faith.
  2. During speed dating events, men and women sit at tables, either alone or together, depending on the rules. They all have their numbers, and every 5-7 minutes participants switch companions. After the conversation, you can add your companion’s number to the card organizers give you at the beginning of the event, and if your sympathy is mutual, you’ll get this person’s phone number and email the next day.
  3. When it comes to speed dating, smiling and cheerful men are more popular among women than guys with serious faces. Men, in their turn, prefer mysterious strangers.
  4. In recent years, speed dating has expanded greatly in major cities. This format is used at business events, exhibitions, and conferences. There are also online speed dating events for programmers, investors, teachers, and so on, as well as some senior dating websites.
  5. The largest speed dating event took place in Canada in 2014 with 651 people attending it. Later the event got to the Guinness Book of Records.
  6. Women are 30% more likely to try speed dating. However, men, who tried it at least once, return to them 30% more often than ladies.
  7. In New York, the largest metropolis in the world, about 100 speed dating events happen every month.
  8. If you live in a big city and decide to go to such event for the second time, the probability of meeting someone from the previous evening is less than 1%. If this happens, don’t worry: you’ll spend no more than 5-7 minutes anyway.
  9. If you doubt whether to choose only one person from all participants of the evening or more, here’s one of the valuable speed dating tips: choose several companions. Organizers advise to do this because no one knows if the feeling for the companion you initially chose is mutual.
  10. There’s no specific type of people, who prefer speed dating to traditional one. On such events, you can meet representatives of various professions, people with different characters, social statuses, interests, and views.
  11. When it comes to speed dating, it’s not appearance or mutual goals that play a decisive role. How does speed dating work, then? It’s all about the way of expressing one’s thoughts. What your companion says, how they say it, and when they say it matter. It determines whether a man and a woman will feel mutual sympathy or not. After all, it’s through verbal and non-verbal means of communication that we convey the experience we’ve lived through and express our feelings.
  12. Women are more selective and much less likely to show that they’re interested in a companion. But when they do it, they choose men, from whom they hear words of approval or sympathy in their address. Besides, women are often interested in men, who interrupt them during a conversation not to change the topic but to continue their phrase, expressing the ability to understand their point of view.
  13. During a speed dating event, it’s better to interrupt than to ask questions. Strangely enough, but interrupting your companion to say something that’s on your mind is perceived as a positive moment for keeping the conversation going. The question-answer format of the conversation, as a rule, has a negative result. Women ask questions to make up for a pause when they feel that the mutual interest is fading, and men often ask many questions when they have nothing to say. In both cases, the questions increase the distance between companions and reduce the chances of finding a match.
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