The 5 Best Blogspot SEO Tips For Bloggers

The 5 Best Blogspot SEO Tips For Bloggers
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Best Blogspot SEO tips


For Every Blogger,

There are two Main CMS(Content Management System) Available for Making a Blog, WordPress and Blogger.

But Blogger Prefers mainly for a Newbie Blogger (Especially If are not Interested in Investing Money for Hosting Related Stuff, Mainly for Learning Basics of Blogging and Other Things). But, Blogging is nothing About SEO.

That’s Why here I have provided 5 Best Blogspot SEO Tips for Bloggers.

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, Which is a Technique to show your presence on Search Engines.

There is two Type of Optimization you have to do. these are

  • On Page Optimization 
  • Off Page Optimization


This post is all about On Page optimization of a Blogspot Blog.

Well, for WordPress there are so many Plugins available for On-Page SEO, But Blogspot lacks this feature(This is the Sad Part about Blogspot and This is why all of the Professionals Suggests using Wordpress).

But it is not actually Impossible to do SEO for a Blogspot Bloggers. Below are Few Blogspot SEO Tips, That will surely going to Help you in SEO.


Best Blogspot SEO Tips for Bloggers


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  1. Research

Well, SEO is nothing without Research. You can Rank Good, But can’t top the List without Doing Keyword Research.

There are so many online free and Paid tools available over the Internet. Few Most Important Keywords Research tools are KWFinder, SEMRUSH and Google Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner is a Free Keyword Research tool while KWFinder and Semrush are Paid ones.


Apart of Keyword Researching, Researching on Competitors Backlinks are also a Good Technique for Out-ranking your Competitors.

For there is Paid Tool, Which is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a Paid Premium tool for Spying on your competitors.

It is a Costly one but you can Use its Trial version, Which will provide you Premium Ahrefs Access for Free for 14 Days.


  1. Utilize Keywords while Writing Article:

After Researching, You have to Utilize the Keyword throughout your Article. But It will not Impact well if you will not use it in Proper Position.

Below are few Positions, Where you must Add your Targeting Keywords for Better Results.

  • Title
  • Heading & Subheading
  • Including on Different Paragraphs
  • On Introductory Sentence
  • Anchor Text for Other of your Posts that you’ll add as a Reference
  • Title, Tags, & Meta Description
  • Permalinks
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  1. Reference Other with Links:

Well, Maybe you think that I am Kidding but It is a Good Practice for SEO.

It will increase your Trust towards Google and Also Helps in Ranking. Referring the Ranking and Related Contents helps for SEO purposes.

Even, Also Add the Link, When you mention Other Bloggers or Any Article.

  1. Optimize Your Images:

A well-optimized image doesn’t only means a Compress Image(Well, It plays a Good Role for SEO as Faster Pages usually Ranks well than Slow Loading Pages).

You must add the Targeting Keyword in Name of the File and Also in Alternate Text. If It’s possible, then Also Add Keywords in Description of the Picture.

  1. Social Signals:

Using Social Media for Sharing your Articles is not Only Helps you in Getting Views, Even It also helps in SEO. The number of  Social Networks, The more chances to Rank well on Search Results.

Also, Ask your Readers to Share your posts.

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These are Five Basic SEO Tactics, That you can Use for SEO of your Blogspot Blog. For off-page SEO, link building is a great technique that you can follow. It is even better if you are able to do contextual link building, as this can help to increase ranking on multiple levels.

Link Building plays a main Role in SEO. Soon We’ll Try to provide an Article on Link Building Techniques.

Pro Tip-


Try to Make Article simple and Grammatical Errors free. You can use Grammarly for this, A Free Version is good Enough for that, But If you want to use It’s Premium Version.

You can Use it too(It has a Refer & Earn Program that you can use for Using Grammarly Premium Access).

Here The Article Ends, If you have any Queries? Feel Free to Share in Comment Section. Me and Our SEO Team will be happy to Help you. 🙂

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