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5 Reasons Why Your Business App to Survive

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs its Own App to Survive

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs its Own App to Survive

Who doesn’t know about the growth of mobile applications? Gradually, the mobile app market is expanding as most of the people worldwide are depended on their smartphones to perform different tasks like shopping, booking tickets, banking, etc.

Even, you can find various successful companies and brands that are developing their own mobile apps to improve their customer’s’ experience and boost ROI. A recent report from App Annie has shown that the app downloads and revenue hit the record levels in the third quarter of 2017.

The downloads across the two major app stores, Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, reached nearly 26 billion worldwide, growing 8% over the last year. This figure doesn’t include reinstalls or app updates; it is only about new downloads.

In simple words, it gave the perfect picture of the app economy’s true growth, rather than including downloads from people, who were just grabbing a new version of an existing application, or re-downloading an app that they had earlier installed.

Moreover, the analytics report by App Annie also shown that the total time spent on applications in Q3 of 2017 is 325 billion hours. It is an increase of 40% from Q3 of 2016. Most of the download growth is coming from the developing markets, where smartphone penetration is still quite low.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs its Own App to Survive

App Annie also found that the download growth on the Google Play Store was mainly fueled by the emerging markets, with the biggest contributor being India. In this country, the downloads nearly doubled from Q3 2016 to Q3 2017. The case for developing mobile apps for your business is becoming strong, and here are six more reasons why your business should invest in a mobile application.

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Everyone Else Developing It

Almost all the companies and brands are developing their own mobile application, and you don’t want to be left behind. Right? As per one mobile apps survey, the 2/3 of small businesses have already planned to develop a mobile app by the end of this year, and 42% of small businesses have already developed one.

So, it’s high time for your business to invest in a mobile application to increase sales and improve customer services, otherwise, your competitors will get ahead of you with apps.

Your Audience Will Keep Coming Back

Once, you got an app idea and know what will keep your audience coming back to you, you are already on a success track. You just need to build that application immediately.

But in case, if you don’t know how you can convince your audience to come back to your application, you need to be careful. First, you should understand what will make your app special and why your audience will come back to you.

You can consider this example – a large business implemented an internal communications application with news, announcements, and the company cafeteria’s menu for the day. It results that the menu was the main feature that keeps most of the people coming back.

But the company did a great thing and adjusted the application to show snapshots of internal news at the bottom of the menu that keeps people coming back and engage them for long.

You Can Deliver a Superior User Experience

You can develop your application in such way that your users can easily do some common and required functions without any chaos of a website. Your application can flawlessly guide your users like where to move and where to go, and they can have a much more personalized experience without having to log into a website first.

You can think about personalized rewards, shopping lists, easier navigation, etc. The benefits of an advanced user experience comprise more positive reviews, followers on social media, brand loyalists, and more repeat customers.

Be Innovative and Cutting-edge

You wanted to be seen as innovative and cutting-edge. There is very less number of things that say “innovative” louder than companies going mobile first. Making use of apps show that your business is looking forward to being innovative instead of sticking with the norm.

Let’s take an example, you can impress your clients if you started using tablets for meetings. They might expect you to make use of PowerPoint or printed materials, so they can notice if you take a fresher approach.

In fact, there are lots of companies that are making use of applications more for the wow factor because they have a perfect app use case. However, there is nothing wrong in it because no company will adopt a new technology and use it flawlessly from the outset.

Promote Consumer Loyalty

As we all know that customer loyalty is the most important metric in this fast-paced world and there are various brands that have already dedicated a large number of resources to cultivate and maintain it.

It is a simple fact that it is quite easy to retain customers than to acquire them. By having a mobile application, you can easily cultivate customer loyalty as it becomes easy and efficient as ever with loyalty scheme features.

Take an example of Starbucks, the main functionality of their application is developed around cultivating consumer loyalty with top features like an ability to check your rewards balance, sending gift cards, payment features, and an ability to place an order.

The Starbucks app is leading the field when it comes to talking about the loyalty.

At the same, there are many features that are unattainable for medium-sized businesses and there is huge that we can learn from what they are delivered to their customers.

You can comprehend how they have improved their application to deliver their customers more value with the idea of saving their users time. This is how you can build trust with your customers and keep delivering them a rich user experience.

Conclusion –

So, these are some of the major reasons to have a mobile application for your business. You can consider these reasons that can help you to know when and why you should develop an app for your business.

Once, you figure out your app idea and requirements, you can discuss them with a professional mobile app development company that has years of experience in the mobile app market. Moreover, you can have a look at their portfolio and discuss with app developers if you have any query or confusion.


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Jyoti Bharwani is a content manager at Space-O Technologies that is specialized mobile app development company based in India. She has a keen interest in writing about mobile apps development and marketing. Even she has also started writing about Augmented Reality and Blockchain Technology. In free time, she prefers reading non-fiction books.


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