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5 streak-free window cleaning tips

5 streak-free window cleaning tips
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The chances of hiring a professional window cleaner are higher instead of doing it yourself. All those hard to reach spaces, spray, lots of dust and dirt would surely leave you in a mess. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way as long as you do it properly. Be it a window, or your bathroom mirror, it’s more about tools than elbow grease and with the right stuff in your bucket, you can have a streak-free glass in a jiffy. Here’re some excellent window cleaning tips to get the job done like a pro!

  1. Distilled water for a change

Many of us ignore the type of water and content in it especially when cleaning something but with glass, it’s rather exceptional as you can clearly see every speck. Things may get awry if you’re treating the windows with hard water such as yellow stains may set in permanently! If you’re actually diluting the window cleaner, consider distilled water for a change and see the difference. Since it’s free from all minerals, you don’t have to worry about streaky deposits.

  1. Be friends with white vinegar

Besides adding a delightful tinge to your food, white vinegar is also known as an all-purpose cleaner due to the acetic acid. When you’re short of the usual window cleaner or simply looking for a cheaper option, white vinegar can work miracles on your windows and various other glass surfaces. Make a solution of part-water and part-vinegar, spray on the surface and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Don’t worry about the peculiar vinegary smell as it’ll stick around for a few hours!

  1. Fewer suds please

No doubt, we all love cleaning solutions that are sudsier but when it comes to window treatment, suds leave behind cloudy streaks. As long as you’re using vinegar or pure glass cleaner, there isn’t any problem but with tough stains, you may go for few suds only but do wipe with a clean cloth immediately. You don’t need too much soap to rid dirt or else it may leave behind residue and it’s perhaps the biggest window-cleaning mistake we usually make!

  1. Say “no” to paper towels

The bucket of usual glass-cleaning supply is likely to have that roll of paper towels. For those who didn’t know, paper towels leave behind lots of streaks as well as lint that won’t go unless you pick each with a finger. So what you can do is getting a microfiber cloth or a squeegee for an amazing job! Newspapers are also good but be sure note to spread ink on the surface.

  1. Buff – The finishing touch

It’s possible leaving behind a few streaks even after carefully following all the window cleaning tips. No need to fret as you still have one last step to follow that is buffing. A microfiber of chamois cloth is best but a regular rag would do as well. You’ll notice the streaks would simply disappear!

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Window cleaning is a lot easier thanks to the expert tips given above and you’ll actually find streak-free glass in less time than usual.

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