5 Ways to Use the New Instagram Stories Question Sticker for Your Business

5 Ways to Use the New Instagram Stories Question Sticker for Your Business
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5 Ways to Use the New Instagram Stories Question Sticker for Your Business!

If you are searching for spending more time to engage with the followers, using the new question sticker in Instagram stories can be an excellent method of getting started!

Instagram launched these question stickers last month in stories, providing businesses with a new fun method of connecting with your audience. Are you not sure about using this new question sticker feature of Instagram stories for the business?

From running the contest to crowdsourcing of ideas, here are 7 creative and exciting methods of using question stickers feature in the stories:

1: Running Q&A in Instagram Stories

One of the highly obvious but advantageous ways of using the new question sticker feature of stories is to host Q&A. while it looks like the no-brainer, but there are loads of various methods which you use for setting up the Q&A for encouraging followers for interacting with the story.

Firstly, choose a topic that you like for covering. You are able to keep it wide or mention a particular topic relevant to your business. Like, you can host Q&A for discussing everything which your Instagram has brought in last week. You can also host the Q&A which discusses highly specific topics like Instagram stories, analytics, photo editing or things related to the Instagram marketing.

After this, decide if can host the Q&A at the particular time or keep it running the whole day. Also, be sure that you let your audience know when you are going to answer your questions so that they check back to know answers.  

2: Arrange a Takeover using Question Sticker of Instagram Stories

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Let the followers know more regarding the products and company by making use of question stickers in the Instagram stories by hosting takeovers. By hosting takeover, you can easily reach to new followers, what does dm mean and build the brand on Instagram.

The takeovers usually involve a brand or a person, that takes over your account temporarily for giving followers an inside look of products or company. Featuring the guest host or some person from inside is an excellent method of giving followers a new perspective as well as helping to educate them about the brand.

3: Gather FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

The influencers and businesses are using the Instagram stories alike for publically answering the most FAQs. It is the great method of saving the time and answering the questions which are most likely will continue to pop up in the inbox. It not just gives the current customers an opportunity of asking questions but helps the brands also to aware around its new services.

The FAQs can also be great content for adding into the highlights of Instagram stories. It is an ideal way of sharing the shipping info, and return and exchange policies for businesses. As a large number of the users are turning to the Instagram for searching for the businesses, it is an important thing that you provide all the info to them which they are searching for – and the question stickers in stories is an ideal approach to be followed.

4: Begin a Conversation with Followers

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The question sticker of Instagram stories can be an excellent tool for getting the followers to talk and interact with the brand. Check out what is more vital for them, ask for advice, or provide them with a chance of discussing their thoughts – but keep it related to the business.

It is an ideal method of showing your followers how approachable you are and that a real human exists behind the account. Such sorts of questions don’t need a load of thoughts of Best Gaming Mouse, are entertaining to answer and give an opportunity for showing off some pleasant UGC with responses. More will be the interaction with the followers, higher will be the probability that they feel a personal link with the brand.

5: Using Question Sticker on Instagram Stories for Showing Off the Expertise

Have you have specializations in dog grooming? Specializations in the SEO? The question sticker in the Instagram stories can be an excellent method for you for beginning the conversation with the followers about the brand. The followers will acknowledge free advising while providing you the opportunity of showing off what thing you offer.

To give out free advice can be a very good method of building reciprocity with the audience! For most cases, more will your generosity, more will be the probability that they follow and engage. Regardless of what kind of content you make on the Instagram stories, it is vital to be sure that you provide value to customers.

With the help of question sticker in Instagram stories, you offer your followers a power of telling you what they need to know while making yourself up for becoming a valuable resource.

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