6 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Health Junkies

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6 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Health Junkies

A programmable machine and a supporting smartphone app at your service round the clock, that’s everything we need for survival.

From critical requirements in traveling navigation and work planning to weird requirements like whistling machines and dog mood trackers, technology at our fingertips can help us do fascinating things.

And one of the fields that have seen a jump in gadget development is health & fitness. With rising awareness against conditions like diabetes, obesity and other heart-related diseases; researchers have chosen to invest their time and capital in improving the everyday life of a regular human being.

We list down some of the most attractive gadgets that are a must for health junkies…

Gadget 1 – SCIO Spectrometer.

Imagine if there was a way to know how many calories, carbs or proteins are dissolved in your pre- or post-workout shake.

A way to know which watermelon is sweeter or when is the avocado in your fruits basket going to ripen. With Scio, you now have the power to answer these questions.

It is the first molecular sensor which fits in the palm of your hand and scans the molecular fingerprint of an object to provide relevant real-time information about its chemical makeup.

This data can then be logged, recorded or shared with your friends via Bluetooth or social media. You can even keep a check on the health and growth of your plants through the tiny optical sensor mounted inside this gadget.

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And if you’re hooked to eating junk food or food items with high sugar and fat content, Scio should help you keep your hands in control.

Gadget 2 – Vitastiq Nutrient Level Monitor.

A lack of a certain nutrient or an excess of another can result in regular sickness or in worst cases, detrimental disorders.

To end this dilemma, Vitastiq brings to you a monitoring device which tracks the vitamin and mineral status of your body. It does this with the help of a simple, touch and reveals sensor that is connected to your smartphones.

The device is a merger between thousands of years of acupuncture knowledge along with modern technology that has an electro-acupuncture sensor which, as the term suggests, measures the electrical conductance of acupuncture points and determines your vitamin and mineral levels.

Now you can save more time and money at clinics by presenting your own internal report to the doctor.

Gadget 3 – Amptrip

If you are looking for a device which can monitor your heart rate, then you must stake a look at Amp trip. It is a wearable apparatus which is programmed to communicate with virtually any device or application.

With a memory of its own, you no longer have to hover it around your phone for data extraction. Amp trip will even generate an alert signal when you’re in the overtraining zone.

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A feature that every trainer dreams to have for his/her athletes. The design has been engineered so precisely that it can even be worn at work or while you’re asleep! One device, thousand solutions!

Gadget 4 – iHEART

As the name suggests, iHEARTuses data from your heart to study your inner wellness. The equipment measures aortic stiffness by analyzing its internally generated flow sheets which then iterates the positive lifestyle choices you need to bring about A.S.A.P. It is clamped onto your fingertip and sends signals to an app for further analysis.

The processed data carefully calculate the transitions you need to bring about in your life through diet and exercise plans. If you’re concerned about early aging and physical weakness at a peak age, then iHEART should be a part of your inventory. To know more on top health gadgets visit Techno Phile’s Blog.



Gadget 5 – Bitbitenutrition tracker

Eat to live, don’t live to eat. We all have heard this funny, yet vital statement during our primary school days. And that’s where the problem lies, we do not have a viable data accumulator which notes down a number of nutrients (good or bad) that we consume. Bit bite does exactly that.

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A tiny wearable appliance that reminds you to snack less and chew more. It’s the first-ever wearable device that helps improve your nutrition.

Designed by leading dietitians and top nutritionists, Bit bite helps you track, analyze and change your eating habits. So, wear it on, and monitor every munch!

Gadget 6 – Sensoria – The smart sock

Modern research has left no part of our body untouched. Designed for runners, Sensoria is a smart sock that can be worn like a regular one on your happy feet.

It has a sensor which is embedded within the cloth that sends pulsating signals through ankle movement! It basically monitors your movement and speed and informs you how well you’ve performed and what can be done to improve your previous run.

Is washing a concern? Not really, as the smart sock is made with a fabric that is easily washable for several cycles.No bad-odor concern here!

Being healthy signifies your ability to accomplish things in an efficient and strain-free manner. With the above-listed devices, you can easily tick away all your health concerns, be it internal or external.

Don’t forget to take a look at the range of health gadgets at Techno Phile’s Blog. And who knows? You could turn out to become the next fitness inspiration for others!

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