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About HowToWhatis (How to’s and What is)

Welcome to howtowhatis, A blog for Technology lovers

we are an online blog, dedicated to articles related to How to guides, What is (Technical Terms), Blogging,
Technology, News, Gadget, Reviews, Tech updates, Mobile, Apps and many other Technical Stuffs.

we try to make Tech stuff easy and available to regular reader as well as for technical readers.

Can i Email you question and you will answer it ?
Absolutely. we aer getting so many mails and we are trying hard to answer them all.

you can also join our community so when you will ask questions our expert will answer you, and a good thing is this answer will be available for everyone on the internet 🙂

why and who started HowToWhatis ?
This website started by some geeky people for regular readers to provide support and answers of Technical questions, you will get here geeky articles about technology, so you can understand tech better.

Can i write in HowToWhatIs?
yes, if you are a professional blogger or not, but you have a good writing skill so yes please welcome mail us at howtowhatisblog@gmail.com or contact us
for more info please read our write for us page.
can i republish your article ?
this site has taken a lots of work and hundreds of hour to maintain. each and every single article is copyright free.
but yes you are free to share our articles at your social profiles like facebook, google+, twitter etc.
if you like us please contact us

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