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What is Android’s “Do Not Disturb” Settings, And Its Options Explained

What is Android’s “Do Not Disturb” Settings, And Its Options Explained
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What is Android’s “Do Not Disturb” Settings, And Its Options Explained:

Do Not Disturb Option in marshmallow

Android’s “Do Not Disturb” the name is simply self-explanatory setting. But when google hyped “Do Not Disturb” service in Android phones in Lollipop and then redesigned it again in the Marshmallow version. Its really confusing for some people. So here we are to Explain This “Do Not Disturb” setting in your android.

Do Not Disturb Settings :

if you will go to back in time before Lollipop. In the time of Kitkat and older it was very simple and clear in android, just press volume down key and it will ask for silent option.

When you are working or going for a meeting in hurry, just press volume down key and boom your phone is in silent mode, yeah!

But then Android lollipop Came with the new concept- when you will press down volume key it will ask with a notification slider: “None”, “Priority” and “All”.
I mean Really ? if we want to silent my mobile that means just silence.

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So then user got confused, what option actually he need to choose ?
and what is the means of “None”, “Priority” and “All” in Do Not Disturb setting when we press volume down key to silent our Android Smartphone ?
Even they gave some more options like “Indefinitely” and “For X amount of time”, Depends on what setting you are choosing.

So don’t worry we are here to tell you!

These settings are for actually, this would either ignore all notification: – like calls, texts, events, alarms, calendar etc.

for the assigned time or it would allow users define priority based notifications to show you.

isn’t it annoying for a user ? Because to choose which “priority” you want for option, you need to go through setting and set it manually.

On the top of this, it was not clear “None” will do what ? So Again the came with new way of Do Not Disturb setting like back. When you press the volume down button it will go to the vibration mode first then if you will hold the key, it will go to the silent mode.

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However you can set all your priority and other things from Quick Do Not Disturb setting. for more option just click on quick Do Not Disturb icon.

You will get options here like: “Total Salience,” “Alarms Only,” and “Priority only” and also you can set the time limit of that setting.

                         total silence in Do Not DisturbPriority only in Do Not DisturbAlarm only in Do Not Disturb

Explain it in short for me : –

Do Not Disturb Option For Marshmallow:

There are certain things you can do with Do Not Disturb setting in Android:

Silence all notifications and interuuptions, except your alarm so you can sleep Good and wake up on time. (with “Alarm Only” option)

automatically adjust or limit your sound during office time and party time. (“Automatically silence” option)

Get call or text from Family or friends you want, or from only the Special one 🙂 (with “Priority Only” option)


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