AngularJS and SEO

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AngularJS and SEO. What’s a marketer to do?

AngularJS is not popular with marketers for many reasons. One of the primary reasons is that JavaScript MVC frameworks modify the content of HTML structure that makes the pre-rendered HTML invalid for search engines. Other reason is that Google wouldn’t support a single page JavaScript framework if Google couldn’t index it. Let’s see what a marketer needs to do to overcome these limitations of AngularJS.

Define content sections

Marketers can create different sections of content on the page and show them as individual webpage. They can select keywords they want to rank for and draft an appropriate title, use image alt tags and uses all SEO signals properly. You need to ensure the key phrases and keywords used in the content are relevant to the products, work and the business niche. After finding the right keywords, you need to place them sparingly in page content, Meta tag and title tag. However, don’t stuff keywords in the content.

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Use H1 tags intelligently

You can use multiple H1 tags in a single page. The content that follows H1 tags is considered distinct and separate from the page. However use only one H1 tag per section.

Incoming links

Incoming links are considered good in terms of SEO. You should try to get links from sites that belong to same business niche. You can ask you business partners and post information about your company and business wherever they accept guest posts. However, ensure the places or sites where you submit information about your business are relevant and quality sites. Never post information and get inbound links from spammy sites.

Social media platforms can be effectively used to build links. You can share link on Facebook, tweet your website or tweet individual pages, share links on Google plus and also on company’s Facebook page. This SEO linking strategy can significantly increase your search engine “visibility” and also help connect with customers

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Put up fresh content

Fresh content is imperative of success of your website. The content you present to the visitors should have great value. While posting fresh content, perform a good keyword research and use the keywords that people are using. For best results always maintain a keyword density between 2% to 3%. Majority of the search engines rank website on factors such as relevancy of the content and fresh content. Old content can negatively affect the page ranking.

The importance of fresh content goes beyond SEO. The content is the main attraction for visitors so by posting fresh content periodically, you can ensure a regular stream of visitors to the website.

Speed up loading of pages.

The loading time is an important factor in user experience. Some JavaScript take time to load and thus it leads to slow loading of the site which can be frustrating to visitors. A visitor is more likely to visit your competitor’s website if the page loading time is high. The same rule applies for search engine crawlers and the result is the search engine crawlers will not index the content of your site properly. Hence, you need to conduct a speed audit of the website and takes steps to reduce the page loading time. Marketers can consider using of cache to reduce loading time.

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Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics consists of several tools to measure performance of the website. You need to also analyze performance of the campaign and make changes to get optimal results. Using the Google Analytics tools, you can track your SEO efforts and tweak your SEO efforts for goal conversions.

By following the tips given below, marketers can easily overcome the disadvantages of AngularJS in terms of SEO.


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