What is ethical hacking and an ethical hacker?
What is ethical hacking and an ethical hacker?   Ethical hacking: Today I am telling about the ethical hacking and who are ethical hacker and work of an ethical hacker and many more interesting topic about ethical hacking let’s start.   Before talking about what is ethical hacking let’s know some detail about what is… (0 comment)

How to become a member of Amazon Prime
   How to become a member of Amazon Prime is an Amazon loyalty program that charges you a membership fee, but then offers you offers like free shipping, next-day free delivery (on some orders), early access to certain Amazon sales offers, lightning offers, Exclusive discounts and also, access to Amazon Prime Video. It is a… (0 comment)

What is bluestacks app player? Is it safe to use?
Bluestacks app player I am not going to start to about this firstly I am telling about the producer of bluestacks app player, it is silicon valley based mobile company. This company produced two popular software which Is popular worldwide that is firstly bluestacks and GameStop these are the popular product used worldwide.   What… (1 comment)

How to turn on ‘Undo Send’ in Gmail
  There are no second chances in life, but there may be in the email. While this is of little comfort to those who wish they can hit “undo” in semi-recent national events, turn undo send Gmail. This feature gives us all the break we so desperately need. Are you using it? You really should… (0 comment)

How to Download Subtitles From YouTube
  Many videos on YouTube contain subtitles in different languages and if you want to download that video, you probably need to download subtitles as well. You can download simple subtitles as well as transcribe with 4K Video Downloader. As a result, you get sort. File supported by most modern video players. Please follow some… (1 comment)