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How to Auto Delete useless photos in your whatsapp ?

How to Auto Delete useless photos in your whatsapp ?
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How to Auto Delete useless photos in your Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is the largest space grabber in your smartphones now. we all have our very close friends and family who forward us every single motivational or wishes they got from others. some people think they have duty to wake us with Good Morning messages and let us sleep with Good Night messages with some cute, sun rise, motivational kind of images.

Auto Delete useless photos in your whatsapp
Auto Delete useless photos in your whatsapp

The problem with these messages are they consume a big amount of space with no use in our android device. Even some messengers are very close to like in family relation or a very close friend. Blocking them will be a rude behavior.

so the solution for that is you can locate whatsapp image folder with the help of file manager app. But there is a tiny problem whatsapp doesn’t know which is your needy image or that annoying image of Good Morning or Good Evening, so you will be end up with deleting some of your usable images also.

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Are you facing the same problem ?
Are you getting so many annoying images from your relative and friends ?
and you cannot block that person or group also ?
Here is the solution 🙂
siftr is the solution with this problem.

siftr is basically is an Indian startup founded by ex- adobe employees.
siftr is an intelligent android app that will help you to get rid of annoying whatsapp images with no efforts.

The app, magic cleaner by siftr, scans your all media images folder (Whatsapp), detect junk images including memes, video screens, cartoons and pictures with overlay text. Then you will offered an option to delete images automatically.

Auto Delete useless photos in your whatsapp
Auto Delete useless photos in your whatsapp

siftr’s tag line is “Siftr is an insanely powerful artificial intelligence platform that will end all your worries about your pictures”
How siftr delete junk images from whatsapp folder automatically?

As google’s images recognition API, siftr has developed their own Image recognition mechanism to analyse junk images.

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is your phone filled with unwanted images, memes, forwards, screenshots etc. is your whatsapp is lettered with these kind of photos ?
Go on then, Install siftr, and get rid of these annoying images.


siftr will delete whatsapp images without any extra efforts.
you can use it in Android as well as IOS
it will recognition automatically whether image is junk or not.
its available free of cost.

Image recognition is pretty good but not perfect.
it needs internet while searching for image. (Because API will be online so it will check weather image is junk or not so you need internet connected to let it decide)

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