Beware Of These Top Deceiving Myths To Protect Your Body And Well-Being!

Beware Of These Top Deceiving Myths To Protect Your Body And Well-Being!
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Beware Of These Top Deceiving Myths To Protect Your Body And Well-Being


Food myths:

An apple a day keeps a doctor away:

We all consider apples to be good, nutritious food packed with a lot of punch and vitamin C, although this is true but apples are not the only food you need for keeping your body at the tip-top shape and your mind running like an engine. Many of us, don’t know consuming too many apples have side effects and risks as well.

Apples are spraying on and exposed to more pesticide and insecticide chemicals, due to the fact that they highly pregnable to worms, scale, and other feeding insects, so traditionally grown varieties of apples are sprayed with chemicals to keep them intact. So always rigorously wash them and peel of their waxed layers (contains pesticide residue) before eating them. Furthermore, apples in a dried form may trigger allergies, as sulfur dioxide is added to retain color and moisture.

Coffee hinders your growth:

While this is a popular myth widely believed since it comes from the common misconception; coffee results in osteoporosis. Several research studies have found no association between the rate of caffeine consumption and bone growth in young children. Another hindsight in this theory is that people hit their peak growth before they acquire the habit of drinking coffee daily as by the time of their teens most have reached their full height and body proportions.

Microwave radiation leads to toxic products produced in the food:

Microwave, as so explicitly told by its name, heats food by passing microwave, radio waves and other energy waves through your food.  Such energy waves such as x-rays and gamma rays do put an individual at risk but however, microwave heating devices use rays that so much weaker than x-ray or gamma rays. However, take care of microwaving certain plastic products as some compounds in the plastic can leach into your food.

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Eggs pose risk to your heart:

Eggs contain a hefty amount of cholesterol in their yolks (approx. 211 mg). Cholesterol is the type of fat that tends to deposit in your arteries and block them. But announcing eggs are bad for the heart and not consume them is all wrong. Many types of research show that people who eat egg daily go without any of its purported problems. The type of cholesterol that is problematic are the trans-fat and the saturated fat.

An egg contains about 2 grams of saturated fat and no trans-fat. But before you decide to go on an egg feast, limit your cholesterol intake to less than 300 mg per day and less than 200 mg if you are more at risk of heart problems and diabetes. When you do the math, this calculates to less than an egg per day or 2 eggs in a week, so you can fit in your love of eggs but also eat healthier foods with less cholesterol as well.

Consuming 8 glasses of water a day:

We all have heard the constant train of your parent’s voices to eat 8 glasses of water a day. This belief originated when a well-known nutritionist Fredrick Stare recommended 6 to 8 glasses per 24 hours. As a healthy individual, you should drink water according to your BMI. Furthermore, studies show that liquid absorption is also done by frequent consumption of juice, milk and drinks. All in all drink enough w2aterbut not overly much because it can result in water intoxication, hypernatremia, and even death.

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Fitness myths:

Morning is the greatest time to work out:

Most of us see runners out and about in the morning, work out geeks pumping iron at 5 am, so we automatically come under the impression that morning is the best time. While it is the most refreshing and energetic time of the day, but the best time to work out is the time that you think you work out with utmost focus and consistency. If you work out best at night time and it gives the results that you want, then go on with it no need to change it.

Weightlifting converts fats into muscles:

It is biologically impossible to convert fat into muscle as they are different types of tissues. Fat is adipose tissue that is under the skin, places between the muscles and around internal organs. Weight training helps muscle building around any fat tissue. Muscle building supplements will help you achieve that muscle mass, but be sure to take the right supplement and their dosage as well. Consider the few best supplements below:

  • Whey protein powder: 20g of powder 30 minutes before workout and 40g within or after 60 minutes of training. Choose whey powder that contains protein hydrolysates.
  • Creatine: it is renowned for quickly increasing muscle growth and hypertrophy, but when it is combined with HMB it produces even better results.
  • Casein protein powder: casein is slow to digest but it prevents catabolism by emptying at a steady rate. It boosts muscle protein synthesis when 20-40grams are taken before bed and 1—20 grams taken after workouts. You could also ass 20-40 grams in your protein shakes as well.
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Inversion tables help the heart:

An inversion table is a padded table that is linked to a metal frame, you strap yourself on the table and slowly flip the table over which inverts your body. It is supposed to relax the bones, joints and discs in the lower back which can relieve the lower back and spine pain because of the pull of gravity. However, it is scientifically found by H. David Coulter that the blood pressure of a standing person and an inverted person is about the same.


Sports drinks are the way to rehydrate after a workout:

Sports drinks usually consist of just sugar and water, there is no magic miracle or ingredient. Experts of fitness suggest that you refuel and rehydrate with regular water and high protein snack as the protein helps condition your tired muscles.

Sit-ups are the quickest way to develop abs:

Sit-ups only target, condition, and tone your abdominal muscles, other high-intensity exercises such as planks target torso, front and back muscles that all build your core. So if you are going in that direction mix your exercise routine with broad high-intensity exercises that target all your core muscles, such as push-ups and crunches.

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