How to Boost Your Income by Building a Mobile App for Your Business

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How to Boost Your Income by Building a Mobile App for Your Business


Does your business have a mobile app? If not, you need to get one right this instant.

It’s not enough to have a web presence these days. The online activity is rising on mobile, and mobile devices have become critical marketing tools for small business owners.

According to a survey by Gallup, almost 75% of Americans check their mobile phones at least once every hour. Almost all surveyed respondents admit that the time they spend on their mobile devices is devoted to using apps.

No wonder that small businesses are reacting to that trend. Clutch recently revealed that almost half of the small businesses they surveyed plan to have a mobile app ready this year.

Getting a custom-made mobile app is simple and less expensive than you’d expect. But many small businesses still aren’t sure which platforms to choose and what type of apps to build. Especially since most such companies don’t have the expertise to build apps themselves.

A mobile app for your business is still worth investing in, however, and here are 3 good reasons why.


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1. Boost customer experience


Thanks to a mobile app, your business will be constantly present on your customers’ phones, offering company information at all times. Mobile apps are great for engaging with customers, especially since they are such perfect tools for rewarding customer loyalty.

But there are many other reasons for getting a mobile app for your business to boost customer engagement and satisfaction. You can inform users about new products, offers, or sales. You will be able to reach out to younger demographics and stand out from your competition.

A mobile app will allow you to synchronize email and social media accounts of users for easier access to your branded content. Most importantly, you will get plenty of valuable analytics that show how consumers interact with your app to help you create an even better customer experience.


2. Stand out from the crowd


If you want to compete with others on the market, you need to adapt to cutting-edge industry changes and build a strong presence on the mobile scene. Understanding how mobile technology works is bound to help you run your business operations smoothly.

Thanks to a mobile app, you’ll be able to implement customer loyalty features to reward clients who are dedicated to your business. Social networking features in mobile apps allow to direct customers to other platforms that are associated with your company. You can also send customers push notifications to keep them up to date about new promotions and deals.

Finally, mobile apps allow to personalize interactions and engage customers through location alerts and accessible payment systems. All this will help you differentiate your brand from other businesses on the market.


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3. Increase sales


Finally, mobile apps simply have help to boost sales. The survey conducted by Clutch revealed that 55% of respondents considered increasing sales as the motivating factor for building a mobile app.

And no wonder, because mobile apps can really work to your favor. Here’s an example: a good mobile app can help in quicker checkout for purchases, easily leading to sales increase. Apps can offer an accessible and convenient way to shop and browse products, helping customers to make purchases from literally anywhere.

Moreover, you’ll be able to alert your customers about new promotions, deals, events, or released products. If you design your app well, you will also be able to make money with in app purchases.


Key takeaway


These 3 reasons should be enough to convince you that building a mobile app for your business is a smart move.

So research smart strategies for making revenue from your app and develop a mobile presence that will help you connect with your target audience in a more meaningful way.

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