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How to check your phone is VOlte compatible or not ?

How to check your phone is VOlte compatible or not ?
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How to check your phone is VOlte compatible or not ?

Everyone is facing this issue, is your phone VoLTE supported or not..? Well you are about to find out in this article. This volte related questions are so common in these days people are struggling to check VoLTE support in their mobile phones. Without VoLTE support one can’t use voice calls in their devices. Recent jio sim users got this problem, so I am giving each and every detail of how to check enable volte support, how to enable volte support, how to get volte support in any mobile.

How to Check Enable VoLTE Support in any mobile ?

First of all we are at Flipshope made an awesome article which contain the mobile name of every VoLTE supported and which are actually compatible with Reliance Jio Sim. You can check that from this link, if your device name is in that list then check is every volte feature enabled or not. If not we are giving few methods to enable all VoLTE features in any mobiles.

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Steps to Check VoLTE Support in Reliance Jio Sim Mobile

  • Insert Reliance Jio sim in your device
  • Just Wait for the network signal to come
  • You will receive the VoLTE sign under Status bar or Mobile Network Sign
  • This will Confirm VoLTE Support in your Device

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  • That’s how you can check VoLTE support in Reliance Jio Sim Mobile

How To Enable VoLTE Support in Any Mobile:

  1. First you need to Install SQLite App & launch this app.
  2. Then visit file Manager app.
  3. Tap on data > data > com.android providers.settings > databases.
  4. Open Settings.db , Global , search for Volte_feature_disabled

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  1. Change the value from 1 to 0
  2. Restart your device, this is how you can enable VoLTE
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One More Way Is To check your phone is VOlte compatible or not ?this-app-will-check-volte-support-on-your-phone

To download this app From play Store Click Here

This app will check VoLTE support on your phone.

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VoLTE support is necessary on your smartphone to make and receive calls on the Jio network. If your smartphone doesn’t support VoLTE then you have to install the Jio 4G voice app also known as “Jio Join” to make and receive calls.

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NOTE: This app only checks for VoLTE support. It does not add VoLTE support to your smartphone.

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