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Hello dear readers welcome to Howtowhatis.net today I am going to show you command prompt tricks which may help you work better and easy

Before going to show you command prompt tricks I want to explain what is command prompt?  It will help for the beginners’.

A command prompt is a command line interpreter application which available in all windows operating system (OS). command prompt tricks

It is also known as CMD or CMD.exe (Executable file name) it is an interface between user and computer through commands like earlier Disk operating system called MS-DOS

How to open a command prompt for beginners?

Go to the taskbar you will find the start button or office at left corner of your desktop screen

command prompt tricks

Click on start button or you can press windows button or office button on your keyboard.

Click on start button or you can press windows button or office button through you keyboard

It will open in start menu here you will get search programs and files option as shown in below figure click on that option and type CMD.

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command prompt tricks

After typing CMD just press an enter button it will take you to the command prompt.

command prompt tricks

Now I am going to create a list of command prompt tricks Here are some useful command prompt tricks  

1. Get help on almost every Command

This command prompt trick is especially very helpful for the beginners. If you want to know about any command or help, just type  “/?”   At end of the command which you want more information about that command

For example, I am typing “ ipconfig/?” Don’t forget to press an enter button here I get the below dialog box or window.

command prompt tricks

2. Use Function Keys

In second command prompt tricks, you can use the function keys (F1 to F9) just type and get the different results. Below I am listing the function keys with its use in command prompt.

  1. F1: it shows your previous command by characters  what you had typed
  2. F2: if you type the initial of last command it will show you all
  3. F3: it will show your last command at a time
  4. F4: Delete command only to a specified command character
  5. F5: it will show your last used command without cycling
  6. F6: Pastes ^Z
  7. F7: it shows a list of commands which you have already used
  8. F:8 it shows cycle-able used commands
  9. F9: it will show you paste command from the list of recently used commands
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3. Save a Command to a File

In command prompt tricks this trick is used to save a file. If you want to save a file in C drive or D drive from the command prompt you have to type the (“>Destination c,d,e drives back slash\file name with .txt extension)

For example, here I am typing “ipconfig >c:\howtowhatis.net.txt”this command will create a “.txt file” in “c drive” with name “howtowhatis.net”.

4. Copy Data from the Command Prompt

command prompt tricks

command prompt tricks

This is the fourth trick in command prompt tricks which help you copy and paste in command prompt

No need to press the “ Ctrl+C” to copy the text or data from the command prompt. you just have to right-click anywhere on   the command prompt and click on “ Mark” option after that you have to select  the text or data which you want to copy and press an enter button

Note for windows 10 users: if you are using windows 10 no need to follow the above procedure and no need to press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste it has been enabled in command prompt.

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5 How to Check IP address of any Website

This is the 5th trick in command prompt tricks using “ns lookup” command you can see the internet protocol address (IP) of any website.

For example, here I am typing ‘nslookup howtowahtis.net “and press an enter button you will get an IP address.

command prompt tricks

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