How to configure a Digital Ocean VPS using ServerAvatar and install WordPress

How to configure a Digital Ocean VPS using ServerAvatar and install WordPress
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Websites require hosting to run on. There are several kinds of hostings available right now and a Virtual Private Server is the best value for money choice right now. Companies such as Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon aws provide VPS solutions. Out of these, Digital Ocean are famous for their cheap prices and good service. People run websites, host APIs and do a lot of things with digital ocean droplets.  Also check – gamekiller 

A 5$ droplet is enough to host a website receiving a moderate amount of traffic for a month. The difficulty is in setting up and optimising a server. A bit of technical knowledge is needed to manage a VPS. That is where ServerAvatar comes in. ServerAvatar is a free online tool to set up, optimise and manage a Virtual Private Server. Read on to know how to use ServerAvatar to install WordPress on a VPS.

Steps to configure server and install WordPress using ServerAvatar

  1. Head over to ServerAvatar.com .
  2. Login or SIgnup to a ServerAvatar account.
  3. The ServerAvatar dashboard will now open up. This page shows all of your connected servers.
  4. To add a new Digital Ocean server, click on “ADD SERVER” button.
  5. As of now you can only connect a server running on ubuntu 14.04 or ubuntu 16.04 to ServerAvatar. Make sure you are connecting a clean, fresh server to avoid the occurrence of errors. There are two ways to connect your server.

    i) Automatic method: In this method you will need to trust ServerAvatar with your server passwords. Even though that is a risky thing to do, there is no harm in trusting ServerAvatar. They have been around for some time now and has had no negative reviews. It is a genuine website and uses good encryption methods. If you don’t want to give them the password, try the second method.

    Whenever you create a new Digital Ocean droplet, they email you the IP address and root password on your registered email address. You will need these now. Copy the IP address and the root password from the mail and paste them on the two text boxes. Now, click on the “ADD MY SERVER” button. This will take a couple of minutes.

    ii) Manual method: In case you do not trust ServerAvatar with your server password, you can use their manual installer. Enter your server IP in the text box provided. After that, copy the given terminal command. Connect to your VPS as a root user and run this command to connect your server to ServerAvatar.

    In order to connect to the VPS, use:
    i) A software named PUTTY if you are in windows operating system.
    ii) Remmina Remote Desktop client if you are in ubuntu.

    Once you have successfully run the code, click on “ADD MY SERVER”. This will take a couple of minutes.
  6. Once the server is connected to ServerAvatar, you can see the server name in the dashboard. Click on “SERVER PANEL”.
  7. Server Panel is just like the cpanel that you see in shared hosting accounts. Using server panel, you can do things such as installing domains, installing WordPress, adding SSL certificates, accessing your SQL database, viewing error logs etc.
  8. Click on “Add Domain” first. Enter your naked domain URL in this text box without the www/http/https part and press the “ADD DOMAIN” button. This process usually takes a couple of minutes. In order for the domain to work correctly, the domain must be installed correctly in the networking part in Digital Ocean. It should be pointing to the correct droplet.
  9. Once that is done, and the domain points correctly, come back to ServerAvatar and click on the WordPress auto-installer.
  10. The auto-installer is an easy tool to install WordPress fastly in a VPS. Enter the following details

    i) Title of your WordPress blog.
    ii) The domain for WordPress blog.
    iii) Username and Password of your WordPress blog.
    iv) Email address of Your WordPress installation.

    Click on “INSTALL WordPress” button.
  11. Once the installation gets complete, head over to your domain to see the default WordPress homepage.
  12. Now go ahead and install an SSL certificate using ServerAvatar.
  13. Enjoy Blogging!

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See, configuring and installing WordPress on a VPS is so easy with the help of serveravatar. All it takes are a few easy steps. Hope this article helped you. Do comment below if you face any issues with it.

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