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How to create a virtual machine through vm ware

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This new wizard guide will show the key steps to create a virtual machine through vmware. you can use the virtual machines editor if you want to make the any needed changes in the virtual machine setup


Follow these steps to create a virtual machine


1.Start vm ware workstation by double clicking the the icon





2.Then you are opened with a new on create new virtual machine


sn1 on custom configuration.










4.Choose workstation 11.0 as it is the best configuration










5.choose the installer disc image file directory by clicking on browse.if you have a bootable disc click on disc option


6.write your full name and password if you want to customize or personalize your windows.If you have the product key enter it now or else you can enter it later


7.give your virtual machine a name and then click on browse for the os to be installed


8.Next select the processor cores for your virtual machine

sn7 the memory required for your virtual os,keep it to 1024 as it is recommended on next.

sn8 bridged networking on network type and click next


11.choose LSI logic SAS and click on next

sn10 on scsi and then click on next


13.and then on virtual

.sn12 on split virtual disk into multiple files

sn13 on next


16.and click on finish .that’s it you are done .


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