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Dominica: 5 most prominent attractions unlike anywhere!

Dominica: 5 most prominent attractions unlike anywhere!
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Dominica; also known as “The Nature Island of the Caribbean” remains an epitome for diving, hiking and nature sightseeing. Being the largest Windward Islands, it’s surrounded by intense volcanic landscapes and highest peaks in the entire Eastern Caribbean.

Some of the world’s best waterfalls, rivers, gorges and rainforests are in Dominica along with a steamy hot spring. Nestled peacefully on the rugged coastline are the villages against rocky black-sand beaches, excellent for snorkelling and other diving activities.

Going for Dominica citizenship is your ultimate chance to blend in a diverse culture that’s a unique fusion of French, British, West Indian and the Caribs. Roseau is the colourful capital of the island while the culture is reflected in the food, languages, arts, customs and annual ceremonies.

  1. Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Truly a jewel of Dominica; the Morne Trois Pitons National Park encompass more than half the island’s hilly interior. The park is a vast rainforest; a combination of wild orchids, giant ferns and thick jungle with topmost slopes enveloped in clouds.

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It’s also recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes the Trafalgar Falls, Boiling Lake, Victoria Waterfall, Emerald Pool, Titou Gorge and Boeri Lake enshrouded in mist.

Then there’s the Valley of Desolation with natural boiling mud ponds, mini geysers and hot springs. A dip in warm waters would soothe your mind, body and soul unlike anything you’ve ever experience.

  1. Boiling Lake

Within the domain of Morne Trois Pitons National Park is the eerie Boiling Lake with its natural bubbling water giving a grey-green shade! The hike through dense forest to this point is approximately three-hour long and strenuous but really worth it.

Almost 63 metres in diameter, the active boiling lake is second largest in the world as per geologists and a fill-up of fumarole. A crack in the earth below allow hot gases from molten lava to raise the temperature dangerously up-to 92o Celsius so it’s better to see from a distance.

  1. Cabrits National Park

Take your ultimate sight-seeing adventure to the next level by heading in the northwest of Dominica where the beautiful Cabrits National Park lies. The reefs here offer finest snorkelling and diving opportunities along with panoramic vistas from the highest point. The remains of British fort from the 18th century; Fort Shirley further adds to attraction and offer breath-taking views of Prince Rupert Bay.

  1. Papillote Tropical Garden

Papillote Tropical Gardens are a perfect sanctuary for botanists, photographers and artists. Watered by a small stream, the 10-acre land encompasses the garden with a variety of flowers, plant breeds and unique shrubs. Here, you’ll also find many different types of birds, butterflies and frogs roaming happily in the lushness. Feast your appetite at the Rainforest Restaurant from where beautiful views of the valleys and mountains can be seen.

  1. Roseau

The capital of Dominica; Roseau is the best to explore and live in with a valid Dominica citizenship. It’s a colourful combination of ultramodern buildings and west-Indian cottages with market stalls giving a cool Rastafarian ambiance.

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Many first-time tourists, being highly impressed with the Nature Island of the Caribbean opted for a permanent settlement through Dominica citizenship and there’re many reasons to support the decision.

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