8 drifting techniques for enthusiastic drivers

8 drifting techniques for enthusiastic drivers
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8 drifting techniques for enthusiastic drivers

Drifting has a dramatic effect when performed using either rear or all the four wheels while it’s also known as controlled over-steer in typical automotive terminology. Many different methods induce over-steer but the choice depends on properties of the car being maneuvered.

It must be noted that once over-steer has been triggered, you’ll need controlling the drift through counter steering and throttle. Special drift tires are installed on the cars as normal wheels would only burst during the trick, leaving behind scattered wrecks of a grave accident.

Before plunging into the race track, learn proper race shifting to get the car in appropriate gear for drifting that includes double clutch and heel-and-toe shifting. Check out different drifting techniques to do it right with special drift tires.

  1. Power over

This is performed when about to turn a corner with full throttle thereby producing heavy over-steer as you turn. In order to make this happen properly, you’ll need a lot of horsepowers!

  1. Handbrake/e-brake drift

To trigger rear traction loss and balance the drift through throttle play and steering, pull the handbrake/e-brake. This is the very basic technique and also performed to rectify or tuning the drift angles. It’s a primary drift technique used in Forwarding Wheel Drive vehicles!

  1. Clutch Kick

The clutch kick technique is performed by depressing the clutch pedal either during mild drift or on approach. The clutch is then popped-up, releasing a sudden jolt across the driveline which distresses the rear adhesion.

  1. The shift lock drift

By dropping the cycles on downshift into a corner and releasing the grapple instantly puts stress on the driveline. The mechanism would slow the rear tires induces the over-steer. This is much like pulling the e-brake while turning, however, this particular trick must be performed on a wet terrain to minimise damage to the driveline.

  1. The dirt drop drift

By dropping the rear drift tires off the road and into the dirt, you gain or maintain the angle of the drift without losing speed or power and so all set to take the next turn. For lower horsepower cars, this trick is quite useful however, race track experts and drivers recommend not attempting this technique during the drift session or a participant may end up losing precious points.

  1. Feint/dodge drift

By rocking the car towards the outside of a turn and then rebounding the grip would again bring the car back into normal cornering direction is known as the faint drift. This trick is most common in heavy rally racing!

  1. Jump drift

The rear tire on the inside of an apex or turn is bounced over a curb to lose traction results in over-steer.

  1. Braking drift

This is executed by trail braking into a corner that results in loss of grip whereby obtaining the balance through throttle and steering motion.

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There’re many other drifting tricks performed by installing special drift tires to the car. Only expert racers tend to execute these tricks so if you’re a newbie, don’t ever try it alone!

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