How To Enable HTTPS For Your BlogSpot Blog

How To Enable HTTPS For Your BlogSpot Blog
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enable https blogspot

Blog spot is one of the Most Using Content Management System after WordPress.There are so many reasons behind this but The Main one is You can use Custom Ads and you can Setup custom Domain in it (Which is actually a Free WordPress Blog Lacks).

Another Reason of Using Blogger (A Blog spot Domain) is because it is free for Lifetime and Its Up time Server Quality (This is the Main Reason Why Event Bloggers uses Blogger for hosting and Managing their Event Blogs).

But There are Few things you actually need to know Because you are a Newbie to Blogging and That’s Why you are choosing a Free Blog spot Domain.

So Over the Internet, There is two type of Communication Protocols uses between Your Computer and Website HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)

And HTTPS, (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is a Secured Protocol via Transport Layer Security (TLS). The “S” After the URL Indicates that the Website is secured to Use, Especially When it comes to Your Data and The Purchases you make with Website.

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Here are Three Keys of Layer that Provide Protection-



Encryption is used for Securing Conversation between User and The Website. It means no third person can see and Read the Data.

Data Integrity- 

It means the Data will not be Modify or Corrupt while Transferring between User and Website.


 It means, The Website will stop Middle Men Protection between User and Website. Which increase the Trust Among Website.

So, Below I have provided the Steps that Will Help you to enable HTTPS blogspot Domain

Steps to how enable HTTPS blogspot


Follow these Simple Steps to enable https blogspot Domain.

Step 1:

Simply log in to your Blogger Blog’s Dashboard and Select the Domain that you Want to Redirect.

Step 2:

Now Click on Click on Setting, and Now Click on Basic.

enable https blogspot

Now your Blog will Redirect to HTTPS for all of your Links.


  1. HTTPS is not available for Any Custom Domains.
  2. If you will disable Redirection, The Viewers have two options for viewing your blog.
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Well, This is the Simplest Steps to Redirect Your Blogspot Domain to HTTPS. Meanwhile, If you have any Issue or Any Question Regarding this, You can Simply Comment on the Comment Section Below. I will be happy to assist you.

For More Guides and Tips Related with Blogging and SEO Tips , Stay Tuned with our Blog. 🙂


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