What is ethical hacking and an ethical hacker?

What is ethical hacking and an ethical hacker?
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ethical hacking

What is ethical hacking and an ethical hacker?


Ethical hacking: Today I am telling about the ethical hacking and who are ethical hacker and work of an ethical hacker and many more interesting topic about ethical hacking let’s start.


Before talking about what is ethical hacking let’s know some detail about what is hacking?


What is hacking?

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 ethical hacking

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Here’s the deal

Hacking is the native word hacking means to find or identifying the weakness, loophole or vulnerability in the computer system and networking is known has hacking.

Nowadays the computer becomes compulsory. Run successful businesses. It’s not enough to have an only computer system, it needs network or internet connection to communication with your business.

This exposes them to the outside world of hacking means steal the personal or business data, pilfer, and redistribute intellectual property leading to a business loss. This stand for cybercrime by this many organization losses term millions of dollars every year.

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Who is a hacker?

ethical hacking

Hacker is the person how fined exploited in the computer system and network to gain accesses. Hacker is the person who has excellent computer skills, who has the ability to create to explore into the computer software and hardware. we have written a sperate post of Top 10 hacker in world.


Hacker is classified according to their actions the Types of Hacker.


  1. Ethical hacker (White Hat)

White hat hacker is a professional hacker who use his hacking skill for defensive purpose and are known has Security analysts.

  1. Cracker (Black Hat)

Black Hat is the hacker who has extraordinary computing skill they use for destructive activates and also known has Cracker.

  1. Grey Hat

Gray hat hacker is those who works both offensively and defensively purpose at various times.

  1. Suicide hackers

Suicide hacker is those who aim to for to do big crime for may cause and he not worries about facing jail and another kind of punishment.

  1. Script kiddies

Script kiddies hacker who use script, tools, and software to hack which is developed by the real hacker.

  1. Cyber terrorists

Cyber terrorists are those has good knowledge about the computer and security usually they are motivated by the religious or protocol beliefs to create the fear of large-scale destruction of a computer network.

  1. State-sponsored hackers

State sponsored hacker are who work as employed by the government to gain the top secret information and damage the system of other government.

  1. Hacktivist

Hacktivist is the hacker who hacking to send social religious messages. They usually were done by hijacking website and leaving a message on the hijacked websites.

  1. Phreaker

Phreaker is the hacker who found the exploit in the telephones instead of a computer system or network.

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What is ethical hacking?

ethical hacking

Ethical hacking is identifying the weakness in the computer system and or computer network using the hacking tools, Tricks, and Techniques to ensure system security. Ethical hacker hacks the system or organization website with the permission so they know as an Ethical Hacker.

Work of Ethical hacker


ethical hacking

  • Hacker gets the written permission from the owner to hack their website before hacking.
  • Ethical hacker should protect the privacy of the organization been hacked
  • The ethical hacker should make a transparent report of all identifies weakness in the computer system or websites to the organization.
  • Inform the all hardware and software vendor of the weakness.


Why Ethical hacking?


ethical hacking

  • Information is one of the most valuable assets of an organization. Keeping information safe can protect the image of an organization and save a lot of money.
  • Hacking can lead to loss of business for organizations dealing with finances such as PayPal. Ethical piracy gives them a step ahead of cyber criminals that would otherwise lead to business loss.
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Legality of ethical hacking.


Ethical Hacking is legal if the hacker complies with the rules stipulated in the previous section on the definition of ethical piracy. The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) provides a certification program that assesses the individual’s skills. Those who pass the exam receive certificates. Certificates are supposed to be renewed after some time.

To learn more about hacking and other tech news stay tuned with Howtowhatis.

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