How To Get Lighter Eyes and Change Eye Color

How To Get Lighter Eyes and Change Eye Color
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Are you searching for How To Get Lighter Eyes and Change Eye Color? want to make your eyes blue then you have landed at right place. Here you will get all the information to get lighter Eyes.

What factor decide our eye colors?

The color of our eyes is due to the amount of pigmented protein, also called melanin, in the cells of the iris of eyes.

From 6 to 36 months, cells in the iris begin producing melanin which makes a change in the child’s eyes color: if there is too much melanin, the color of eyes will be darker and vice versa.

Additionally, most of the Asian and African children are born with brown or black eyes because of a large amount of melanin in their iris.

 There are three types of genes decide the eyes color of human. However, scientists nowadays just got the correct details about two of them.

Furthermore, the way to determine the actual eyes color is not that easy because it doesn’t depend on the dominant or the recessive genes, it based on the color saturation.

There are thousands of possible situations can happen when two strands of  DNA bind to each other and then create many entirely new genes combinations.

How does the eyes color change?

 The iris is a kind of muscle that controls the size of a pupil according to the intensity of light in a given environment. When the pupil’s size change, the pigmentation in the iris is forced to adjust to the new space. As a result, this brings a change in our eyes color.

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After covering all of the reasons lead to the color of eyes, we can conclude that it is possible to change our eyes color. There are many ways for you guys to have another color of eyes that will be listed in this magazine.

NOTICE:  When you use the natural methods, your eyes color will change gradually. If you see the color change too fast, it would be a sign that you can have a serious sickness, so you need to see the doctor to have some advice.

How to change eye color in a short time?



People nowadays can find it easy to change eyes color by wearing lens.

The lens can be sold in many drug stores or in a branch of the big company that specializes in manufacturing lens.

Although using lens is a good way to change your color of eyes, you should keep in mind some tips to avoid side-effects such as eyes infections or even causes blind.

Surgery to change eyes color

get lighter eyes
get lighter eyes

If you don’t feel satisfied with your eyes color, you can choose to operate to change the color of eyes forever.

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The stroma medical procedure works by removing a thin layer of melanin that includes the iris. This method is safe because the operation will only use low power.

Before going through the stoma procedure, you should take part in a clinical trial to decide if you are capable of surgery.

How to change eyes color in a long time?

Change  your emotion


Your eyes color changes depending on mood changes. When you are happy or sad, your body produces a hormone that increases the pupil’s eyes and makes the eyes look lively.

Use honey

Pure honey contains hydrogen peroxide and will be activated when it is diluted. Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that helps honey to be suitable for the treatment of wounds and eye infections. Hydrogen peroxide naturally inhibits melanin production and is therefore used for whitening purposes. However, it also helps to reduce the dark pigment of the eye.

Five steps to get lighter eyes:
  • Make distilled water.
  • Mix honeydew honey into lukewarm water to avoid destroying the enzyme. With a ratio of 1: 1.5 honey and distilled water.
  • Put on the eye tube.
  • Apply 1-3 drops several times a day to one eye to compare with the rest of the eye, then pour drop by drop into the other eye if it is effective.
  • Store in cool place and avoid sunlight.


Eat foods that help to change eyes color


Spinach combines zeaxanthin and lutein carotenoid to enhance the youthfulness of our eyes. Moreover, the high iron content in spinach also makes your eyes lighter.

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Fish have vitamin  B, C, A, D, E, K and Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus which are the major minerals that bring a change in our eyes color.

Chrysanthemum tea

This amazing tea helps reduce stress hormone levels in the blood and gives you a warmer eye color.

Olive oil

The natural ingredients found in olive oil such as linoleic acid and oleic acid are soothing and lightening colors for your iris.


Meat is rich in different minerals like zinc and magnesium, extremely helpful in changing the color in the iris.

Listen to the ultrasound

On the scientific basis, it is an ultrasonic waveform that removes pigmentation in the eye. Humans can not hear it through hearing; it transmits it to the listener unconscious and deeply ingrained in the subconscious. They hypnotize our brain with the information we want to repeat over and over, which can change our genes forever.

I hope you guys can get more information about this problem and have more choices to change eyes color after reading my writing.

Thanks for reading!


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 This is all about how to get lighter eyes stay tuned for more updates.

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