Google’s Allo vs Whatsapp Messenger : All You Need To Know !

allo vs whatsapp
Written by Prem Chauhan

Google Allo vs Whatsapp Messenger : All You Need To Know !

Google Allo &  Duo are the new chat applications released by google in its I/O summit 2016.

Below i am Showing you the comparison of similarities & differences between Google’s Allo & Duo with WhatsApp.

Google’s Allo is a chat application for which you can register using your phone number ( not your google account). It is built on the same platform as WhatsApp (Open Whisper) which means both have similar encryption systems.

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So Now i will list Some Similarities Between WhatsApp & Google Allo

  • Both Based on same platform – Open Whisper
  • Both Uses Phone number login
  • Both Has chat features like Emojis, voice record etc etc.

Now Coming Back to the Differences, Allo has some special features which WhatsApp doesn’t provide as of now,May be in future It May Be…

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Allo’s Special Features Listed Below:

  • In-built Google


  • Machine learning chat assistant for suggestions
  • In-built photo editing & doodling
  • Integration with Google’s Duo enables high-quality video & voice chat

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We are definitely excited about what the future holds and can not wait to try it Allo. WhatsApp banish from our smartphone, we are therefore but certainly not.
NOTE : Over All We Can Say  that Allo has better features but WhatsApp has a very strong and loyal userbase and it will be very difficult for google to get the users to shift to a new chat client.

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