Healthy Habits that Are also Eco-Friendly

Healthy Habits that Are also Eco-Friendly
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Most people want to be healthy and for a good reason. Living healthy will ensure you have more energy and you’re happier with your body and your life. A healthy lifestyle isn’t just good for your physique; it’ll also help your mind feel better.

When you start choosing healthier lifestyle choices, you can actually make another big change in your life. You can start living more sustainably. Eco-friendly choices and healthier options are often an intertwined thing. By choosing one, you choose the other.

So, what are some of the healthy habits that also have an eco-friendly side to them? Here are some of the best choices you can make to be healthier and more eco-friendly.


Stop smoking


Did you know that tobacco is not just bad for your health, but also the environment? Cigarettes create waste that’s harmful, especially when people just dump in on the ground. But the manufacturing of cigarettes is even worse for our precious planet. The manufacturing is associated with deforestation and a lot of harmful chemicals often get released in nature when cigarettes are made.

When you smoke, you’re not just poisoning your body, but also the environment. According to some estimates, smoking releases nearly 2.6 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Start eating unprocessed foods


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The more processed food, the worse it tends to be on your health. You shouldn’t really opt for processed foods if you want to make healthier choices. Indeed, cooking your own foods with organic materials is much healthier. Cooking ensures you’ll also eat enough vegetable and fruit. If you just eat ready meals, you won’t get as many healthy vitamins and minerals.

But unprocessed foods are not only good for your body. Cooking your own foods with organic and local ingredients is much better. You reduce the need for using bad packing materials such as plastic and cartons. If you buy local produce, you’ll only save the environment since the food doesn’t require shipping as much as it would if you buy something made on the other side of the planet.

In terms of food choices, another healthy and eco-friendly habit is to start having a meat-free day every week.


Swap the car to a bicycle


We spend enough time sitting idle in our modern life without also opting to use the car to get around. A car can also be a rather harmful option in terms of the environment – especially if you drive around on your own most of the time. It’s most often better to consider using public transport instead.

However, if you want to boost your health, you really want to get into the habit of cycling to places. Whether you cycle to work or to grocery shopping, this simple act will boost your health and help the environment thrive. If you don’t have a proper bicycle, find an affordable option and start this fun way of traveling.

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Make your own skincare products or pick organic products


You’ll find a huge list of chemicals in modern skin care products. Your moisturizer and face wash is probably more filled with chemicals than anything you use to clean the floor. Not only can these chemicals damage your skin more than heal it, they are also toxic to the environment in which they end up.

The solution is to start making your own skin care products. This isn’t even difficult – you can find recipes online and most of these DIY products use basic ingredients you probably have lying around in your kitchen. Now, if you don’t want to spend time doing DIY products, you could opt organic skin care products. Check OZCodes.com.au for vouchers with Biome – it’s a superb organic brand that will treat your skin and nature at the same time.


Shop for clothes made from organic materials


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that big brands and synthetic materials are not good for the environment. Take a lot of resources to produce and leave behind waste that is hard, if not impossible, to get rid of. However, organic materials and clothing made with them are not just good for the environment, it can also be better for you. Organic and natural materials actually feel nicer on your skin – it won’t irritate your skin and leave it scratching.

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Start gardening


Having your own garden is great for the environment. There are certain plants that are essential in helping the small insect population thrive. For example, bees are important for the planet and just adding some flowers to your garden would do your pit in helping them thrive. Furthermore, growing your own vegetables and herbs will also reduce the impact on the environment.

Gardening is also good for your health. You benefit from eating your own pesticide free produce, but there is another important impact. Gardening has been shown to help with mental health problems. Therefore, you might just be happier when you garden!

So, if you want to enjoy a healthier body and mind, you need to focus on these eco-friendly options. You’ll enjoy both healthier habits and sustainable actions as a result!

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