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How to Always Get the Best Performance Out of Your Chainsaw?

How to Always Get the Best Performance Out of Your Chainsaw?
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How to Always Get the Best Performance Out of Your Chainsaw?

Chainsaw is equipment, which comes handy when you are living in a cold climatic region. You need to cut a plethora of trees to keep the fire lit to keep you and your house warm. Here are few tips which when followed can give you enumerate benefits and high performing chainsaw every time:

Keep the chainsaw chain sharpened.

How to Always Get the Best Performance Out of Your Chainsaw?

Chainsaw is specifically useless when their blades are dull. You can easily sharpen your chainsaw blade with an electric sharpener.Here is step by step process to help you do that.

Electric sharpeners work as a little chop saw. There is a holder where you should fix the chain of your chainsaw. There is a pointer which marks the chain link which we will be sharpening in the moment. It’s always better to mark your starting link with some permanent marker so that you know that you have completed the cycle when that mark appears again. The sharpener blades move up and down with a handle to sharpen the chainsaw chain and go back to sit in its resting position.

Turn the motor on and bring down the sharpening disc to sharpen that chainsaw link. Then stop it and send it back while you adjust your chain to bring next link to the sharpening joint. Repeat the process until your chain saw is completely sharpened.

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Precautions with Oil

 How to Always Get the Best Performance Out of Your Chainsaw?

Always use best chain oil for your chainsaw. Chain oil helps lubricate the high-speed movement of chainsaw while it is functional. When you use a good branded oil for your chainsaw, it helps to smoothen the chain’s movement to reduce the fallouts of its heating problem.

Try to use clean oil for your chainsaw engine. Clean oil produces less pollution for the environment and helps keep the engine healthy and working without a problem for long.

In case you must leave the chainsaw unused for long periods, remove all the oil from its engine. The oil if not removed may cause gum like structure due to decomposition with time and may hinder the functioning of the engine. It’s not easy to clean this deposit from the engine later. Also, whenever you start using the chainsaw always use clean and fresh oil for your chainsaw.

You can also add fuel stabilizer to maintain the quality of the fuel. While using oil into a chainsaw, you need to mix the engine oil and petrol to run it. It is recommended that you use high-quality oil, both petrol and engine oil, to be used in your chainsaw. Always use a clean can to mix these two oils.

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If you use old dirty can, you may introduce impurities with your oil mix which may hinder the proper functioning of your engine. You must mix one part of engine oil to fifty parts of petrol to run your chainsaw. Pour the engine oil first and the add petrol to it followed by shaking the can vigorously before adding the mix to a chainsaw.

Cleaning the Chainsaw

How to Always Get the Best Performance Out of Your Chainsaw?

Cleaning the chainsaw after using it for a long time is a really important step of the maintenance. You have to clean the chain brake band followed by chain saw bar. You can clean the chainsaw bar with a thin wood or metal stick to scoop out any debris from inside. Remove the cylinder cover and washable air filters inside. Check for any debris stuck around the slots of chainsaw and removed it appropriately to enable proper functioning of the chainsaw. Check the flywheels as well for any blockage. It’s necessary for proper cooling of the engine.

You must also check the proper functioning of chain brakes, throttle control, chain catcher, chain lubrication, chain drive wheel as well. Look for any loosening screws, bolts, and nuts and tighten them.

Ensure Safety How to Always Get the Best Performance Out of Your Chainsaw?

It is most necessary to remain safe while using a chainsaw. You must invest into safety gears that help you work with chainsaw more effectively. Wear right goggles to cover your eyes. It helps prevent any debris from entering your eyes accidentally while you are chopping trees. If left as is, it can cause various fatal injuries to your eyes. Also, one must use ear plugs to protect their ear drums from high decibel noise that chainsaw makes while in use and contact with the tree.

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You must wear gloves to keep your hands from hardening and getting rashes while holding a fast moving chainsaw. You can keep your nails away from becoming yellow. If they do, you must try certain effective treatments to get rid of yellow nails.

If you have some extra money, you can even invest in Fuller’s pants which will ensure the safety of your feet and legs from getting injured.

One must be fully aware of safety features that come with your chainsaw. Some features like spotter and chain brake mechanism come in handy while you are doing bulk work. Remember, one must read and understand the manufacturer’s manual completely before they start using the chainsaw. If not used in proper way, it might lead to serious injuries which might also cause the chainsaw user to die.

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