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How to become a member of Amazon Prime

How to become a member of Amazon Prime
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How to become a member of Amazon Prime


 How to become a member of Amazon Prime is an Amazon loyalty program that charges you a membership fee, but then offers you offers like free shipping, next-day free delivery (on some orders), early access to certain Amazon sales offers, lightning offers, Exclusive discounts and also, access to Amazon Prime Video. It is a good business in general, for only Rs. 499 for a year, particularly if you consider this to include Prime Video. If you want to become a member of Amazon Prime, the process is quite simple, and you do not need to pay anything right now.

Amazon allows you to sign up for Prime and try it out for a month before deciding whether or not you want to pay for it, and if after a month you are not interested, do not renew the subscription and you will not be charged at all.


How to become a member of Amazon Prime


  1. Open the Amazon website or the Amazon application (Android | iOS).
  2. Access the application or website if you have not already done so with your registered Amazon account.
  3. In the application, tap the menu icon in the upper left, and then tap Try Prime. On the website, move your mouse over Try Prime and then click Try Prime Free.
  4. Click or tap Start your free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime.

That’s! You are now a member of Amazon Prime. You’ll get unlimited free delivery, instant access to unlimited video streaming and special offers just for Prime members.

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This is completely free for the first month, so you do not even need to enter your payment information at this time. After a month of using Amazon Prime, it will be added to your shopping cart automatically and you can choose to pay Prime from that time. The first month is completely free so you can check it out and decide if it’s worth it for you, and if you decide not to subscribe you do not have to pay anything.

That’s all about it. For more useful guides, check out our useful how to section.

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