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How to delete internet explorer permanently from windows

How to delete internet explorer permanently from windows
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Windows the most popular and easy to use the operating system in the world. The main problem is the internet explorer which is the official browser of windows.

As the windows get to update the internet explorer will also get updated.

Example: – The internet explorer 7 which is used in windows 7 and internet explorer 11 this browser is used in windows 8 and 8.1.

How to delete internet explorer

In windows 10 the explorers as totally changed it is known as Microsoft edge in windows 10.

Now that Microsoft Edge has officially replaced Internet explorer in Windows 10, even the most stubborn among us are ready to make the change.

If your Windows 10 system comes with Internet explorer, it’s time to get rid of it. However, for several reasons, Microsoft does not allow you to completely uninstall the browser. Fortunately, it allows you to disable it and all the effects it may have on your operating system, which basically puts it out of service. Here, we will show you exactly how to do it!

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How to delete internet explorer


Step 1: Go to Control Panel, which you can find by searching for the term in the search box or by looking in the main menu.


Step 2: Once there, click Programs and Features. Then select “Turn Windows features on or off” in your sidebar.

Capture.PNG1 Capture.PNG2

Step 3: This will open a list of Windows functions. Someday in the future, you may want to take a look at this list for any unnecessary program, but for now, scroll down to find Internet explorer (it should be at the top of the list). The list will probably say “Internet explorer 11,” the last iteration of the browser, but any version of Internet explorer you have installed on your computer.


Step 4: Confirm your decision after Windows gives you the superficial warning, and IE will be disabled. You will then receive a notification that Microsoft has completed the requested changes. When prompted, click Restart Now to apply the changes.

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Final Note: The process is different for earlier versions of Windows, but you can still use this guide as a rough path to the same goal if you have Windows 8. Go to the Control Panel and look for options to “Uninstall” or “Remove components from Windows “. The exact phrasing and steps vary from one version of Windows to another, but the basic idea remains the same, so you should be able to find the solution if you are familiar with the overall design of Windows.


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