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How to download videos from voot.com for free

How to download videos from voot.com for free
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How to download videos from voot.com for free


Hi guys today here with an interesting and unique trick (Download Voot videos). This is a 100% working tricks which I am using nowadays, for this trick you need to download a software which helps you to download the videos from Voot.com Let’s move to how to download videos from voot.com for free.


Today the few television companies are not uploading their official videos of the shows on their official website or youtube. Now all companies are uploading their videos (Show Episode, Sneak Peek, short videos and promotional videos) on voot.com. Voot is a new website and it is a very good website to watch online shows and videos. More videos from television shows are available on voot.com but it is still only by watching at the website which means the download service for videos are not available on this website but more and more people want to download videos because some people do not like to watch online or sometimes you don’t have the internet so you have to download the video when you have the internet and can watch it later.
Before starting the download process. You need software to help you download videos from Voot.com. There is much software but I usually used this both software one is Adownloader and another is Clipgrap the download link is given below.
The both software are same and easy to use just download any one of this software, the given procedure is about the adownloader just follow these steps:

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# 1. Adownloader is very simple and very nice software.

# 2. Click the download button and download Adownloader
Now install Adownloader.


How to download videos from Voot.com with Adownloader


# 1. Go to Voot.com and select any video you want to download.

# 2. Now deal with URL and paste into the Adownloader.

# 3. Now click the Search button and wait.

# 4. Now select the video resolution.

# 5. Click the Yes button.

# 6. Now the download will start.


How to download videos from Voot.com with ClipGrap


#1. download the clip grap software (link is given) and install and open the clip grip software.

#2. next go to voot.com select which video you want to download.

#3. COPY the URL of the video and paste in the cilpgrap search.

#4. now select video resolution.

#5. click download button

#6. the download will start in a sec

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