How to Fix Woo Commerce 404 Error Product Page

How to Fix Woo Commerce 404 Error Product Page
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In Today’s Post we will show you How you can Fix Woo commerce 404 Error Product Page.


404 error occurs when permalink is not properly set according to Woocommerce.
The permalink either corrupted or altered.


What cause Woo Commerce 404 product error?


Most often we have seen this error while you change the .htaccess file. or Permalink misconfiguration.

Sometimes it happens because of changing .htaccess filename itself.

e.g: you have changed the name .htaccess too.Htaccess or just access.

Most of the times people use Linux hosting, Linux is basically caused sensitive.

what is case sensitive?

Case sensitive in the sense it will recognize only when it will see the content as it is. It will read .htaccess & .HTACCESS as different files.
404 product error we found when we changed hosting. while changing hosting you copy all the files but as .htaccess is a hidden file, you don’t copy generally.

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How to Fix Woo Commerce 404 Error Product Page?


Solution 1: Navigate to your WordPress-Setting >> Permalinks


Under Common Setting page select post name.

You can also set within the options Menu.

Product Category base “/shop”
Product Tag Base “product-tag”

Fix Woo Commerce 404 Error Product Page

Now as you have set the Product Category Base Page to shop, Product Permalink should be set.


Below is the Product Permalink Base setting.

Fix Woo commerce 404 Error Product Page

Select the Custom Base Tab and place as:

Custom Base “/Product”

Fix Woo commerce 404 Error Product Page
Click on Save changes and Boom your 404 Product Error is resolved.

Still getting Woo Commerce 404 Error?


Here is the solution 2:
Next error you can get when you change your hosting. to resolve 404 Woo commerce product error, follow steps below:

  1. Go to old hosting Cpanel open file manager.
  2. Open Public_html.
  3. Click on setting on the right corner.
  4. select button “show hidden files”


Fix Woo commerce 404 Error Product Page

5. Download your .htaccess file and upload into new hosting.

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if you are getting 404 error in your woo commerce, please comment below, we will help you out 🙂


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