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How To Forward Calls On Android Phone

How To Forward Calls On Android Phone
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How To Forward Calls On Android Phone

Call forwarding is very important because sometimes you’re busy with your work unnecessary some people try to disturb you to teach them a lesson you need to learn How To Forward Calls On Android Phone.

Follow these simple steps:- 

Call forwarding is the process by which you redirect an incoming call.

For example, you can send all your calls to the office while on vacation. Then you have the luxury of having your cell phone and still making calls, but ignoring freely someone who calls you.

Call forwarding options on your phone can be set up using your own Android operating system or the controls set up by your cellular provider.



To confirm that call forwarding options can be configured using the Android operating system, follow these steps:

1. Open the Phone application.

2. Touch the Actions Overflow icon.

On some phones, tap the Menu icon instead to view a list of commands.

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3. Select Settings or Call Settings.

The call setup command can be found on a second screen; Choose Settings first, and then select Call settings. You will eventually see the call setup screen.

4. Select Call Forwarding.

If the option is not available, use your cellular company to forward calls.

5. Choose one of the following options:

OR Always forward: All incoming calls are sent to the number you specify; Your phone does not even ring. This option overrides all other forwarding options.

O Forward when busy: Calls are forwarded when on the phone and you choose not to answer. This option is normally used to send a missed call to your voice mailbox, although you can forward it to any number.

Or Forward when no answer: Calls are forwarded when you decide not to answer the phone. The call is normally forwarded to your voice mailbox.

O Forward When Unreached: Calls are forwarded when the phone is off, out of range, or in airplane mode. As with the previous two settings, this option normally forwards calls to voice mail.


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6. Set the forwarding number.

Or you can edit the number that already appears.

For example, you can enter your home number for the Forward when not reached option so that your cell calls are redirected to your home number when you are out of range.

7. Press Activate or OK.

The Call Forward status icon appears on the touch screen whenever you have activated an Android operating system forwarding option.

To turn off call forwarding, touch the Disable icon when given the opportunity to enter a forwarded phone number (see step 6).




Some Android phones are forced to use the forwarding methods provided by the cellular provider rather than by the Android operating system.

For example, the Verizon wireless carrier in the United States uses the call forwarding options described in the table.


Verizon Call Forwarding Commands
To Do This Input First Number Input Second Number
Forward unanswered incoming calls *71 Forwarding number
Forward all incoming calls *72 Forwarding number
Cancel call forwarding *73 None


Therefore, to forward all calls to (714) 555-4565 you

* 727145554565 and touch the green phone icon on your Android phone. Just hear a short tone after dialing and then the call ends. After that, any incoming call on your phone rings on the other number.

You must turn off call forwarding to return to normal cell phone operations: Dial * 73.

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