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How to get up to 8GB of extra storage on your iphone

How to get up to 8GB of extra storage on your iphone
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How to get up to 8GB of extra storage on your iPhone

How to get up to 8GB of extra storage on your iPhone

Iphone is the most popular phone in the world iPhone is the totally different phone from another because it runs on IOS, the main problem of iPhone is its storage there you expand your iPhone’s storage with SD Card, How to get up to 8GB of extra storage on your iPhone.
The storage problem is one of the serious problems with your iPhone or iPad, but don’t worry the latest update of from apple should solve the storage problems and clear you same extra space.

Apple si using the new way of formatting storage which is more useful for iPhone and iPad this can get you in latest update iOS 10.

In this new update iOS 10.3 you can able to clean your iPhone and iPad space, so you can get a different amount of free space compared to another device it different in for each device.

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How to check your storage

How to get up to 8GB of extra storage on your iPhone

If you want to know how much extra storage you’re going to get, first you get to check how much storage or space your current using your iPhone or iPad.


  • First, go to the setting app.
  • Go down and press on general.
  • Scroll down click on storage and I could usage on the next page.

After that take a screenshot by pressing the power and home button which is useful to compare the storage after the update.

How to download ios 10.3


How to download the new update ios 10.3 it’s not so hard to update the new version, just follow the steps to update the update firstly go to the home screen and go the setting app and general page In the setting app, the software update which is at the top of the page.

If an upgrade is ready just press download and install, it will take some time to download depend on the speed of your internet after download completed. It will restart your iPhone or iPad.

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Once your iPhone or iPad has finished downloading and installing iOS 10.3, it’s time to go see how much extra space you have to play.

Some have reported about 7.8GB of extra space for the 256GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus.

We found that the iPhone 7 with 256GB of storage had 5.85GB of space used for software on iOS 10.2, but the upgrade to iOS 10.3 boosted it to 6.6GB. But we have seen around 3 GB of extra space on the iPhone 7 with the change from 242.7 GB to 245.5 GB.

Testing on an iPhone SE, we found the software to be 0.6 GB lighter after the phone was upgraded and there was also an extra 2 GB of available space.

We also tested a 12GB 256GB iPad and found that it used an extra 0.3GB for the software but offered more than 2GB of additional storage.

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