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How to Make Your House Look Bigger and More Spacious

How to Make Your House Look Bigger and More Spacious
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Competition is always present, especially in the real state market. Buying and selling homes are not so easy as it was earlier. However, selling homes or residential properties is more complicated as compared to buy the house.

When you sell your house, expect that there are a lot of competitors. But, do not get intimidated if some houses are bigger and more modern than your home. Learn the basic tricks to fooling the eye and enhancing your house to make it twice its original size.

You can everything counts in the small space. The key to making it appear bigger depends on how you do the arrangement and furnishings of your house. Making your small home look spacious is just like the improvements in the property or inside the home as well as outside.

It is a part of the whole home staging process that determines the success of your home sale and also adds some values in your property.

As we all know that everyone wants to have a spacious home. This is because big and spacious abode always looks grand. But what if you are stuck with a space that can make people feel phobic from them.

So if you cannot physically make your space bigger then you can make it with visually bigger which means you can create a visual illusion to makes space look larger than actual.

There are some tips you can make your house appear bigger. These includes

There are some essentials that can help you to upgrade the size of the home without making any renovations. These are simple, easy tricks that any homeowner can do whether they wish to sell their home or not. But they can do by themselves with the helping hand of their family members.

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Colors in the home

The space in the home, walls, and ceilings are most important because they take a lot of space. For the maximum impact, the walls of the home and ceilings should be a neutral, light shade that radiates the light and your floors will be on the lighter side as well.

A paint job on the walls can make a world of difference and if the floors are having dark colors then it makes the room like heavy. So try to use the large, lighter colors in the home that resemble more to flooring as well. You can use the dark colors in your furnishings but always keep them in minimal.

Extra furniture

Firstly you should reduce the amount of furniture in the rooms that look bad as well as clutter. If you have extra furniture in your home then you can give them to others to reuse them.

If they are not good like not anyone can reuse then you should remove from the home. As we know well there are many professionals who give the services household rubbish removals.

So if you have less furniture it means the more space is available in the home.  You can rearrange the furniture according to space as it gives the appearance of the big home.

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Let the natural light come inside

It all starts with the light. If there is proper light then it also reflects the space while darkness constraints and hides it. So firstly you should use all the natural lights as you can. You should not block off the windows with heavy curtains or furniture.

Instead of that, you can frame your furniture around the windows and other appropriate lighting fixtures. We know well that the bright room always feels airier than the dark room.

Decoration with mirror

It is a classic trick but today also it still around because it works. Firstly you should make sure that there is a large mirror in the bathroom, which is likely the smallest room in the house. Another mirror in the bedroom as you can use it as a dressing table that is essential.

Then in the other rooms, a living room and kitchen mirror can inhibit the space. So it is not mandatory in these rooms if you do not keep. Instead of that you can place over a side table or find an artistic mirror to hang the photos on them. Because the mirror reflects the light and images and they also create the illusion of a bigger space.

Cleanliness in the home

An airy and clean room always feel bigger than the dusty. So always keep in mind if your home space is bigger than you should properly clean it as the overlooked areas like corners, fans, lights, decoration items, behind the furniture and shelves also.

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Because if you do not properly clean your home then you will feel lazy, not concentrate on any work also. If there are any little carpet strains, nicks in the walls, or bits of dirt and dust then you should also clean it.

Do the proper maintenance in the home

Lastly, you can upgrade the electrical switches, plugins, lightings fixtures to give the impression that your wiring and plumbing are up to date and should be maintained. As I have mentioned above that you should clean your home as there should not be a single spot of dirt and dust on the floor.

At the same time, you will also feel that if the surfaces of a house are well maintained then the things below the surface are in the same good condition.  A clean house will make you more comfortable. Be sure to hide all the cleaning materials that you use because it looks bad if you keep them in the visibility of the people.


So if you want to achieve big and spacious home also then it is not that much hard to do. It can be possible by changing some settings in the home and extra things you can give to reuse if possible. You just need a few tricks to create an illusion that will enlarge your space visually. You can try these tricks to make you big and spacious.

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