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Latest Tech Trick : This app will correct other people’s annoying grammar mistakes for you!

Written by Prem Chauhan

This app will correct other people’s annoying grammar mistakes for you

If you’re fed up with having to manually type out corrections for your friends’ semi-literate texts, don’t worry. A new app has arrived that will save you the effort and do it for you.

Grammar Snob lets you correct your friends’ typos with a big red marker pen, just in case you needed reminding of that time you got an F in your English class.

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The app is a recent addition to the iTunes store’s Stickers apps, which lets people send stickers by text. It helpfully promises to “add a little culture to your next message chat”.

The app includes corrections for common grammatical mistakes including ‘less’, ‘lose’ and ‘loose’ and ‘their’, ‘there’ and ‘they’re’.


It invites users to share any helpful corrections they’ve made with the hashtags #grammared and #grammarsnob.

People took to Twitter to do just that, but many questioned whether they could use the app and still have friends at the same time.

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