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Latest Trick :How to use 3D Touch on Android?

Written by Prem Chauhan

Latest Trick :How to use 3D Touch on Android? how-to-use-3d-touch-in-android

You might be already familiar with the 3D Touch functionality on most recent iPhones such as iPhone 7 and the 6S. 3D Touch offers additional commands while long tapping any application icon on iOS. 

Now similar feature arrived to Android 7.1 Nougat with the name “Quick Shortcuts”. To get the feature you must be on Android 7.1 Nougat Operating system and the applications installed on your phone have to support the feature. 

How to use 3D Touch (Quick Shortcuts) :

We already know that when we long tap any application’s icon, the icon will ready to be move from one place to another. So how can we use the same long tap to achieve the “Quick Shortcuts”? 

The answer is simple, now onwards when we long tap the application icon,  phone will be vibrated and a small popup with the quick shortcuts will be presented on the screen. You can select any shortcut from the popup. If you wish to move the icon instead of using quick shortcuts, continue to long tap the icon, a second vibration will be produced and now you can move the icon to anywhere.

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