Microsoft is going to release windows 11: here are some features and release date concept

Microsoft is going to release windows 11: here are some features and release date concept
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Nowadays , we are hearing a news that window 11 is about to release in upcoming years . may be it will be released in  the year 2018. Tech experts are saying that windows 11 is coming with great features. After launching windows 11, Microsoft’s grip over operating system market will be tightened. Microsoft said nothing when they were asked a question about  the release of windows 11. But experts are saying that Microsoft is making windows behind the wall. Experts are also saying Microsoft is not revealing this news because of some market strategy. Microsoft will surprise the operating system market by launching windows 11.


Windows 11 Release Date

Microsoft is planning a big surprise for Windows users. As we all know Microsoft is working on the Windows 10 updates. There is a chit-chat out there for the preparation of Windows 11. It appears that Microsoft is currently planning to put entire attention on Windows 10 branding, and they want to move away from any questions or staging of Windows 11. They, officials, kept themselves at some distance when it comes to Windows 11, as the talk of Windows 11 can bring down the charm of Windows 10. Here we are sharing Windows 11 release date predictions to give you the answer of When Is next Microsoft OS coming.

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Releasing date of windows 11 is still a mystery. 2018 may be the releasing year of windows 11. Some sources said that windows 11 will be launched in 2017 and some said it will be launched in 2018. But the preference is being given to the year 2018 as releasing date of windows 11. Microsoft said when they were launching windows 10 that windows 10 is the last stage of windows operating system. But it seems that Team Microsoft has changed their intention of not to launch windows 11.


Windows 11 Features

Window 11 features are being developed in accordance with the desire and want of customers. All upcoming features will be added with the aim to enhance the reliability and scope of the user . This is sure that Microsoft is not going to include all the same features that are available in windows 10. Microsoft will upgrade that old features and add some other different features in windows 11.  Although windows 10 is the most used operating system nowadays but it needs to be upgraded because windows 10 is unable to meet all the utility of customers.Windows 10 could only fulfill some aspects of need but was unable to fulfill the whole aspects of needs . This time, the intention of the Team Microsoft is to fulfill the gap that they could not fill.

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1.New Home Menu

Now, the home menu of your operating system will be changed .The home menu will appear good and will differ from windows 7.This home menu is designed to attract user of windows .The graphics are now better as well.High definition stuff will be more clear and sharp.

2.New Fonts Added

Microsoft added few new fonts in windows 11.These fonts will help business class users to do more creativity.These new fonts help in the education sector as well.

3.New Windows Sound

A new sound is added in windows 11 when you turn off or turn on your computer or laptop.Microsoft did not change this sound for a long time,but now,they changed this sound.

4.Transparent Icons

Now you will see transparent icons on your home menu.Windows users are using non-transparent icons because they have no option.Some smart users using another outside software to get transparent their home icons.To solve this problem Microsoft will allow users to get transparent home icons.

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5.Privacy Control

According to a survey ,data of 80% computer users are not safe at all . Hackers are stealing their precious data and users are not aware of it. So, Microsoft not trying to provide more privacy to its user.Microsoft added some extra privacy features.

6.Enhance Accessibility.

Microsoft has increased the accessibility of user. Now user can access more software from the different platform.In windows 10,users was unable to use some work and some games that they used to use in window xp.But in windows 11 ,accessibility has increased for users.

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