Microsoft Surface Phone Coming In 2017 With 6 inch Display,Release date, Concept, Specs and Price !

Microsoft Surface Phone Coming In 2017 With 6 inch Display,Release date, Concept, Specs and Price !
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Microsoft Surface Phone Coming In 2017 With 6 inch Display,Release date, Concept, Specs and Price

Microsoft has pretty much reached ‘final roll of the dice’ time on mobile. Windows 10 Mobile has followed Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.1 in the disappointment stakes, while the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL were no way to relaunch a platform.Windows Mobile’s current status as a very distant third to Android and iOS, it’ll surely take a humdinger of a device to convince consumers that the platform is worth a look in, and a new concept once again imagines what a Surface Phone might look like.

www.howtowhatis.net The Surface tablet line has been a success for Microsoft, but does little to offset the smartphone failings of the Windows maker. A Surface Phone would, if anything like the concepts we’ve seen, force people to stand up and take notice. The latest effort by Polish designer Bartlomiej Tarnowski is rather different from previous Surface Phone visuals, but sticks with the script of Type Cover and Surface Pen peripherals.

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Surface Pen would place the Surface Phone up against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which includes Sammy’s very own S Pen. Hypothetically, if such a device were ready for market now, it’d likely have a field day against a handset fraught with battery-related woes.


Several sources claim that the Surface Phone will come in three flavours, all with a different memory and storage set-up. These could look like this:

  • Version 1: 3GB RAM / 32GB storage
  • Version 2: 6GB RAM / 128GB storage
  • Version 3: 8GB RAM / 500GB storage


Most rumours we’ve read suggest the Surface Phone will launch in 2017. The precise date or month for this varies from a vague ‘early’ to a rather more precise ‘April’.

Whatever the month, this would tie in with comments made by Microsoft executive Terry Myerson when he said that Windows Phone was not the company’s focus in 2016.


We’re still quite far out from the Surface Phone’s likely launch, but there are already reports on how much it’ll cost.The phone’s premium, business-centred positioning will result in a suitably chunky price tag, it seems. The Bitbag claims that prices will start from $699 for an ‘entry-level’ model and run right up to $1,099 for the top-end model.

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They do look somewhat awkward from a visual aspect, but we’d definitely be intrigued to see this idea explored further. Indeed, it’s not too dissimilar to what HTC’s said to be cooking up with its recently-leaked Ocean series.
Despite the neat visuals, an actual high-end surface phone is unlikely.

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Like many handsets of today’s market, this concept includes super-thin bezels. There’s certainly something to be said for a favorable screen-to-body ratio, which is rather easy on the eye and ensures a device’s footprint peddles as much display real estate as possible.

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Back on Planet Earth, a recent patent filing hinted that Microsoft’s Surface Phone could eventually include a fingerprint scanner baked into the display. Whether the device has any legitimate future remains to be seen, and while recent signs are generally not good, here’s hoping the Surface dream still has some steam left inside of it.
Take a look at the concept up close in the gallery, and be sure to share your thoughts below.

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