What to watch on KissAnime? One Punch Man v/s Dragon Ball Super?

What to watch on KissAnime? One Punch Man v/s Dragon Ball Super?
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What to watch on KissAnime? One Punch Man v/s Dragon Ball Super?

Which anime is better – One Punch Man or watching Dragon Ball Super? KissAnime is the best platform for watching anime online. There are a lot of anime to watch one KissAnime. However, what would you do if you have to choose one between two great anime? Comparing two of the best short anime around to watch, we are always left with the question, “Which one of them is better?” As much hard it is to answer this question, we would still like to give it a try. This is going to be one of the hardest topics to debate upon but we have to do what we must do. The only way to compare these two anime is by listing out their pros and cons. From watching Saitama stand tall over his opponents after hitting them with one punch v/s the epic kame-ha-meha from Goku, which one reigns over the other? Let’s find out:

  • Why Dragon Ball Super is better than One Punch Man?


  • Nostalgia:

Watching Goku comeback with his team is always going to help you relive your childhood. Undoubtedly Dragon Ball Z has been one of the most essential parts of everyone’s childhood and DBS helps people in reliving it.

  • Fights:

While One Punch Man has short fights where Saitama defeats his opponent in one punch, DBS would offer you extended fights. Better fights are going to be in line for you to watch on KissAnime if you’re watching DBS.

  • Power-ups

One Punch Man has limited power-ups as the main hero is portrayed as an invincible human being. Dragon Ball Super on the other hand, already had 3 power-ups in 80 episodes which is quite interesting. Waiting for a new super saiyan version always pumps up the fans to core.

  • Characters

There is something in which One Punch Man will never come close to Dragon Ball Super. When you watch DBS, it feels like you are living in the DBS Universe. The characters seem familiar and you’d love the way how much unique everyone is. Also, Vegeta is the one who leads this area. There is no one in this world which can match him when it comes to being a total badass.

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  • Why One Punch Man is better than Dragon Ball Super?

  • Comedy genre:

If we compare the comic factor between these two anime, One Punch Man leads this area. In its 12 episodes, OPM would make you unconditionally laugh. A lot of funny moments to keep sure the watcher never gets bored. Prime example of this is the “OK” meme of Saitama which went viral on Internet few months ago.

  • Thrill factor due to rankings

While DBS can be predictable at times, OPM has a bit of thrill factor in it. We can’t mention spoilers but watching Saitama rise to higher ranks is always going to be eye pleasing. Though, it can be predicted that Saitama will always win but will he get the appreciation for doing so? This question always stays hanging up high.

  • Animation

Despite Dragon Ball Super being a sequel to the most popular anime on earth, it has average animation but on the other hand animation of One Punch Man would make a dire appeal to masses. It has the beauty which every anime should have. It can make your eyes stick with its every episode and make you wonder how much awesome it is.

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The Conclusion

There are different kinds of people. When you sign up on KissAnime you want to watch the best anime out there. These two are the best in specific departments. Watching both of them is going to be one hell of an experience and you’ll often wonder, “Is dragon ball super better than one punch man?” or “Is one Punch Man better than dragon ball super?. However, it depends on you. We have compared pro aspects of each anime, you need to find out which suits you the best. One Punch Man or Dragon Ball Super, the decision is yours to make. Decide it and hit the search button on KissAnime!

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