‘Zopo Speed 8’ Specifications With 21MP Camera and 4GB RAM,Helio X20, launched for Rs 29999
‘Zopo Speed 8’ Overview and Specifications Chinese smartphone manufacturer Zopo may not be a very popular smartphone brand in Indian smartphone market yet, but there is no denying that the Zopo is slowly making itself known in the Indian market for its great quality products. Zopo just launched its flagship device Zopo Speed 8 in India.… (0 comment)

‘OMG’ Dubai’s latest skyscraper fire engulfs 30 floors
Dubai’s latest skyscraper fire  “It was really scary,” Maki said. “You could hear almost explosions . . . and there was debris flying around.”DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES—A residential skyscraper in Dubai caught fire on Wednesday in the densely populated Marina district, sending plumes of smoke into the air and pieces of the building’s facade tumbling… (0 comment)

You Should Know How Google Fights Piracy? 523,000,000 Pirate Links Removed In 2016
How Google Fights Piracy?  Copyright holders running after pirates is not a new tune to our ears. Google, the biggest search engine provider on the planet, publishes regular reports of their fight against removing pirated content. They’ve managed to blank out around 523 million links from Google Search this year and will continue to remove… (0 comment)

Download Prisma app for android latest
How to download prisma app for android. This app called Prima is changing your boring photos into look like a painting. The app is as easy to use as you can use instagram filters given by Prisma app is inspired from famous paintings. As you can see below There are lots of apps available or… (0 comment)