A Phone Repair Store Owner Invented “Invisible” Phone Screen Which Can Make Your Life More Personal

A Phone Repair Store Owner Invented “Invisible” Phone Screen Which Can Make Your Life More Personal
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Invisible phone screen

Here we will tell you about Invisible phone screen So Now-A-Days All of you use your smartphones at markets, Buses, Shopping Malls and many public Places instead i also use my phone in crowded places.

I use my phone to check my messages and my social accounts but it feel me awkward when peoples around me can see what I’m doing in Phone.

Generally it Happens with all of us. We don’t want to share our privacy with anyone. No matter Facebook and WhatsApp comes with End-to-End encryption so that no one can read our secret conversations on the network. People can’t do anything to stop those anonymous faces to stop looking at our smartphone screens.

They maybe about to change.

An turkish Phone Repair Owner Celal Goger has a solution that help you to overcome these uncomfortable situation. he has invented a screen that is an invisible screen. the mean of Invisible screen with the screen only can see by you not by anyone who is around you or trying to look at your phone.


So the Question is How ? How You can use it.

For this you need an App on your smartphone which will turn your phone’s screen white, which will block your screen from eyes of other peoples around you. Then you need to wear a special pair of glasses to see the content displayed on the white screen. The glasses have been buit-in with a chip which allow you to use your phone in private, the content could only be seen by the person wearing the glasses.

Mr. Goger takes around 6 months to make 1st prototype of this glasses but now he has a enough speed of making a pair in just 10 days. Now he’s planning to make a nano-chip variant of his invention which be made compatible for any pair of glasses.

 Hope you are waiting for this feature Invisible phone screen.

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