‘Pokemon Go’ will freeze the phone with a screen lock of a Pokemon Go image

‘Pokemon Go’ will freeze the phone with a screen lock of a Pokemon Go image
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Beware! Fake Pokemon Go on Google Play locks screen, clicks porn

Pokemon Go has become a mega-viral ‘issue’.Pokemon Go has become a mega-viral ‘issue’. Though the game is addictive, it has been a talk of the town for many issues, good and bad. Ever since the game was released, in just three countries, the entire world seems to want to get their hands on the Pokemon Go. People from other parts of the world where the game is not yet officially launched, are trying their level best to get their hands on the app.

Several websites have been saving the Pokemon Go app as an apk file and distributing it. This app can be directly downloaded and installed without using the official Google Play Store. Bypassing the Play Store and installing the app manually on Android can be easily done without tweaking any settings or the operating system. However, this could result in a huge security issue on an Android smartphone.Pokemon GoGoogle Play has also removed the Pokemon Go Ultimate app. ESET said the fake game was only available for a short time and generated between 500 and 1,000 downloads.Some users, however, may still be tempted to download knock-offs of Pokemon Go. That’s because, outside of the U.S., the official game isn’t available in many parts of the world.

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How to download and play Pokemon Go in India :

Pokemon Go, as we know, is the only topic people are talking about online. Ever since the new game took off, there have been reports on how addictive the AR-based game is, with people posting photos and info pieces of where all they have caught their monsters. The game is presently only launched in the US, Australia and New Zealand, but the amount of downloads have crossed the handling power of the servers, that the international launch had to be halted. The international launch for Pokemon Go has not yet been announced, but it will soon be out.

Pokemon Go installThough the Pokemon Go game is not officially available for download in many countries, here in India, there are other methods that can be adapted for downloading and playing it. While the game is available on various torrents and app hosting websites, some can even download them using a VPN to tunnel through the three countries.Pokemon Go installiPhone users will have to wait for an official release unless they prefer jailbreaking their devices.The links given below will allow you to download the APK file and sideload it to your Android devices. Simply download the apk file, copy it to your phone’s internal storage and tap on the apk file from any file browser app. the app will install and you are set to go. However, installing third-party apps requires you to enable a setting from your smartphone’s control panel. Head to the security setting on your Android and locate and enable ‘unknown sources’. This will allow you to install an app without Google Play. Different Android versions will have the settings in different locations—some may see it in ‘applications’, while others see it in ‘security’.

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