The Pretty Women Problem

The Pretty Women Problem
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There will never be a time when inner beauty is the scale that people, especially boys, use to judge a person. Boys are particularly targeted here because contrary to the popular belief, they are the more vain compared to the fair sex. They also find it quite hard to forgive the other sex for their infractions then they themselves expect to be forgiven, no matter what or how they might have done it.

It is a tale as old as time. A woman is expected to look beautiful and attractive in order to interest and reel in an advantageous marriage proposal. Now, even though the marriage proposal bit has been taken down a notch, the custom remains the same. Perhaps for this reason alone the cosmetic industry is thriving.

From surgical implants of all sorts to diet pills, the world has gone to a new height of vanity where beauty finally has a price, a price that may even be death. Take Eloise Aimee Parry for example. This UK born 21 year old bought diet pills off of the internet in order to achieve the kind of figure she always wanted. Since taking one pill twice a day was quite a tedious process and she wanted quick results thus she didn’t find it to be much of a big deal to take 8 of those pills in one go instead of one. According to her what could simple diet pills she had gotten off the internet do? Unbeknownst to her, the pills contained a highly toxic substance called Dinitrophenol or DNP that was responsible for burning her up from the inside since she had taken 6 pills too many at the same time.

Even though Eloise, known as Ella to her loved ones, took quick action and drove to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital all by herself in lucid condition, it was too late to help her and she died the next day as the substance had already made its way into her blood stream and nothing could be done that could help her.

Eloise “Ella” Aimee Parry died in the company of family the very next day, when her heart stopped beating and she couldn’t be revived.

The worst thing about this episode is this is not the story of one Ella alone. Every day millions of girls across the globe starve themselves and go on diets that can possibly have disastrous consequences on their life and well-being all because they need to look pretty and be accepted amongst their peers. While Ella’s parents could have done much to save their daughter from the folly of her actions since she was a legal adult who, in the eyes of the law, was perfectly capable of running and eventually ruining her own life, it does not mean that no parent out their can help their child.

It is a common belief amongst children that their parents do not know what they are going through and neither can they understand what they are going through at all courtesy of the social media and the TV shows the teen surround themselves with. The same TV shows and print media is responsible for building such an unrealistic body image in the mind of both teenage girls and boys that they boys expect their girlfriends and partners to look like the models featured on the latest cover of Sports Illustrated while the girls aspire and do everything in their power to attain the look a certain supermodel has instead of thinking about the hours of makeup, professional styling, working with a brilliant and critically acclaimed photographer and the right light setting along with the final airbrushing it took to make that model that flawless.

Just like charity, teaching and discussion about such matters should also begin at home. As parents you should reach out and instill the importance of a healthy body image in the mind of your child. While you can easily monitor what your child is watching on TV, the same cannot be said for internet these days. Therefore, as any responsible parent who would consider the safety and the well being of their child above moral and sound objections, invest in cell phone spy applications to keep an eye on the people your child hangs out with and spends hours on the internet looking up to. Similarly, you might also be able to see if your child is buying something off of the internet and stop such an occurrence in its tracks. The world has already had one Ella too many to last all of us a lifetime.

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