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Quick Insight: Mind Boggling Facts about the Hawa Mahal

Quick Insight: Mind Boggling Facts about the Hawa Mahal
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Hawa Mahal is somewhat like the mascot of Jaipur. When someone talks about the Pink City, an average person generally thinks about the palaces, and of course the Hawa Mahal. So much has been said and raved about this architectural wonder, that anyone could be allured by its charm and fame. This has actually led to many enthusiasts from across the world flying down to Jaipur, to especially have a good look at this masterpiece, called the Palace of Winds. But a very few know about its inception, purpose, and some mind boggling stories associated to it. It’s time!

Upon taking a direct Jodhpur to Jaipur train, the first place you must head to is the Hawa Mahal. Not only is it awe-inspiring to look at, but also leaves most of the tourists gaping in awe when they get to know about the intricacies associated with it. It’s your turn to drop that jaw!

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1. Crowned Glory

The basic outline of Hawa Mahal resembles a crown. If you look at this spectacular wonder from afar, it appears like Lord Krishna’s crown. Sawai Pratap Singh, the man behind the this marvel, was known to be an extraordinary devotee of Lord Krishna. His true devotion is pretty much evident in the shape and entire visage of the Hawa Mahal. Notice carefully!

2. Baseless

Do you know that the Hawa Mahal is the world’s tallest building, sans any foundation? Well, as shocking as it sounds, it’s even more scary to look at this edifice, which leans at an angle of 87 degrees, but has stood the test of time like a true king. Today, can you even imagine all this?

3. Amalgamation of Mughal and Rajput Splendour

Hawa Mahal is an exemplary model of social and cultural heritage, a genuine blend of Hindu Rajput architecture and the Islamic Mughal designing. The Rajput style can be found in the domed shades, fluted columns, lotus and botanical detailings, and the Islamic style is clearly seen in its stone embellished filigree work and curves. The result, is what came to be known as a wonderful structure, one of the finest on the planet.

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4. Summer Retreat

The Hawa Mahal was primarily built to keep the wind blowing inside the castle. It was more of a summer retreat for some Rajput families during the splendid historic days. Today, it is one one of the major and most visited attractions in Jaipur.

5. Climbing up without Stairs?

The Hawa Mahal has 5 floors but there isn’t any flight of stairs to get to the top? So how did the people reach the top floors? In fact, this makes the top floors pretty useless, right? But wait, the architects back in those days weren’t fools and therefore, they provided ramps instead of stairs throughout the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. Such a comfortable climb, isn’t it? Good for the royal ladies with elaborated skirts.


Aren’t these interesting? Imagine, how amazing would this adept architectural wonder looks like in reality. Who’s stopping you? Just go and tour around this complex, and be prepared to gape in awe.

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