How to Rapidly Convert Your PDF to Excel

How to Rapidly Convert Your PDF to Excel
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The large majority of readers is probably already aware of the serious difficulties that come with the use of PDF files. Besides their fantastic features which allow them to be absolutely visible on every operating system and all devices such as smartphones and tablets, the PDFs have one major flaw, and that is they cannot be edited in any regular way. But let’s take a step back and elaborate furtherly on why would a user convert their Excel files to PDF in the first place.

Excel is without question one of the most frequently used business programs on Earth, and its spreadsheet files are being shared among colleagues on a daily basis on a colossal scale. An issue becomes apparent when a user sends an Excel file to someone that has a different operating system (OS) from him because each OS has its own unique way of reading the format of every digital document file it encounters.
So, If the file was created on one OS, and it is viewed on a different one, the chances that it won’t be displayed correctly are rather massive. In order to prevent this Excel files should always be transformed to PDF before sharing your spreadsheet with someone else, unless you’re certain that the recipient has the exact same OS as you on his computer/device, because only then such an operation won’t be necessary.
As we mention above, PDFs are perfect for this with their universal nature but lack the editing capabilities as they are all read-only files.

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So if the receiver of the PDF wants to make any changes to the table that is inside of the PDF, he will definitely have some problems trying to do it. This type of situation requires software that can extract all the data mushed together inside of a PDF, and rearrange all it back to an editable Excel form.

We wanted to share with you a very nice free online tool that was created just for this reason and can convert your PDF back to Excel in approximately one minute.


The main features of PDF to Excel tool are:

  • No limit to the number of converted files, nor the number of conversions
  • Files can be uploaded from the Cloud, using Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox
  • No need to leave any personal details, such as a name or an email address
  • All files that are on the company’s servers are deleted every 6 hours, and will never be used for any kind of unlawful operation
  • Precise converting; all the rows and columns of the document will be adequately re-created
  • It can also convert scanned documents, using its awesome Optical Character Recognition Tech (OCR), that analyzes every symbol separately
  • Over 10 languages available
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PDFtoExcel tool is a great companion for anyone who doesn’t require this type of activity regularly, but if you require such conversions all of the time, we would suggest paid programs that have more precise conversion options, and more formats available for conversion.


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