How Rubber Gasket and Rubber Seal Extrusion Can Help You in Electronic Assembly!

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Rubber gaskets and rubber seal extrusions are widely used in various electronic products. They are used in the electronic products with the sole purpose of protecting the product from the environmental condition to which the product will be finally exposed to during their use in commercial or personal sector.

  • These environmental conditions mainly refers to protection of the finished gods against air, water, dust, pollens, UV rays and any other kind of solid objects.
  • These rubber gaskets or the seals are compulsorily used by the manufacturers across the globe in order to meet the international safety standards and ratings of electronic goods and other similar products.
  • These gaskets and extrusion seals can be prepared with silicone, plastic polymers or rubber. Rubber being one of the most versatile material for external protection, it is widely used for such protective purpose.
    Rubber Gasket
    Rubber Gasket

# Different Safety Standards for Various Kinds of Protections!

International safety rating and standards is no child’s play. Specification for each and every kind of external factor that can be a potential threat to the finished product has been mentioned in it. For example, if we talk about water as a potential threat then specifications for dripping water, fall of water at particular angle of the product, prayed water, splashed water, water jets and immersion of product in water are different. These detailed specifications have covered each and every aspect by which any external factor can cause any king of damage to the finished goods. During the designing of the rubber gasket, if you find any squash on compression then it will reduce the volume of the rubber and you could not seal it within a perfect dimension. So, beware of this thing and use the rubber gasket with all safety features.

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# Factors to Be Considered While Selecting the Material for Manufacturing the Gasket and the Seals!

It is not necessary that the finished product will get all the favorable conditions when exposed to external factor. There are many conditions it can be subjected to and the manufacturer has to take in account all the conditions in order to select the material for the gasket and the extrusion seals.

Rubber Seal Extrusion
Rubber Seal Extrusion
  • Extreme temperature to which the product can be subjected at the time of use is a very important factor. In case of rubber gasket or seal, the problem is that rubber does not get tarnished due to extreme temperature but it will definitely get deformed. In order to prevent the situation either we need to process the rubber in such a way that it can bear extreme temperature or some other material should be selected.
  • Another external factor that can cause damage to the product or the gasket is contact with harsh chemicals and solvents. Harsh chemicals can corrode the protective gasket or the seal and find its way towards the finished product. It is better to select a material which is resistant towards such harsh chemicals.
  • Bio compatibility is another factor which can affect the selection of material for producing the gasket and seals for electronic goods. The material should be such which remains unaffected by any kind of infestation from pests, rodents, moulds, fungi etc.
  • One very important factor that can affect the finished product is exposure to sun and UV rays. The gasket or the extrusion seal should be such that it can offer all round protection to the finished product from harmful rays of sun.
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It should have maximum reflection and minimum absorption properties to prevent changes in color, size or any other physical or chemical property of the finished product.

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