What is ethical hacking and an ethical hacker?
What is ethical hacking and an ethical hacker?   Ethical hacking: Today I am telling about the ethical hacking and who are ethical hacker and work of an ethical hacker and many more interesting topic about ethical hacking let’s start.   Before talking about what is ethical hacking let’s know some detail about what is… (0 comment)

How to prevent Ransomware attack should know everyone
About WannaCry Ransomware In this article, you will get to know about how to prevent ransomware attack. Before that, we have to familiar with ransomware definition, ransomware virus etc. Everyone is thinking who is behind ransomware virus, how does ransomware work, whether our system is safe from WannaCry. Ransomware attack started on Friday, 12th May… (2 comments)

Xiaomi Mi6 Reviews, Full Specification, Release Date In India
Xiaomi Mi6 has recognized the mentioned as a higher industrial smartphone in the interior a diminutive time. By getting someone to prepare their nozzles with unresolved mechanisms and geographies, the corporation has become a resilient contender in the global smartphone market. xiaomi mi6 release date India and price. The Xiaomi Mi6 battleship’s next mobile phone is… (0 comment)