The 5 Most Common Sporting Injuries and How to Spot Them

The 5 Most Common Sporting Injuries and How to Spot Them
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According to one study, 8.6 million people suffer from a sports injury every year.
Sports injuries can be minor or serious, and even if you’re not in a lot of pain you want to make sure you treat it.
If sporting injuries are left unchecked, they can develop into serious health problems. Here are the most common sporting injuries and how you can spot them.

1. Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is one of the most common sporting injuries because of how weak the ankle ligaments are. When your ankle is turned the wrong way, this results in a sprain.
If you notice that it’s difficult or painful to move your ankle and it’s tender or sore after stepping on your foot wrong, you probably have an ankle sprain.
To treat an ankle sprain, it’s important that you rest for a little bit, but not too long. If you wait too long to go back to exercising, it can reduce your strength and flexibility that you built up while you’re exercising.

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2. Groin Strain

If you’re not sure if you have a groin strain, check the muscles from your inner thigh above your knee to above your upper knee.
Groin injuries occur if you aren’t very flexible or do a lot of side-to-side motions and tear a ligament or muscle.

You’ll know that you have a groin strain if you find it difficult to move laterally, like getting out of a car. If your inner thigh is bruised or tender to touch, you probably have a groin sprain.
To treat this, ice the muscles periodically for 15 to 20 minutes during the first three days of when the injury occurred. After the first three days have passed, you can switch to heat for the same amount of time.

3. Hamstring Strain

While your groin muscles are located in your inner thigh, a hamstring strain will be the back of your thigh.
If you have a hamstring strain, then you may have bruising that appears on the back of your legs. It may also be sore and hard to move those muscles.
As with the other injuries, resting and icing the muscles may help you get back to being able to perform.

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4. Shin Splints

This is a common injury that happens mostly in runners, especially if you run on pavement.
You’ll know you have shin splints when you have pain in the front of your lower legs. The best thing to do for your shin splints is to rest and use over the counter pain medication. You can also try icing.

5. Knee Injuries

If you notice that it is difficult to walk, bend, or move your knee, then you may have a knee injury.
There are all kinds of different knee injuries that you can have, but as with the rest of them, ice and rest is the best remedy for that. Try different stretches and movements to help it heal, but avoid putting more stress on it.

Treat These Most Common Sporting Injuries

Most of these sports injuries can be treated at home, and they will heal over time on their own.
Some of them, however, may require you to go to the doctor or a chiropractor to speed the process along, like an Orlando sports chiro

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Take Care of Yourself

If you experience one of these most common sporting injuries, most of them are very easy to treat at home.
If you want more information on how to stay healthy and take care of yourself, you can check out our blog posts on health and wellness.

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