Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

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You might have heard of people who have been to Costa Rica before and have decided to visit the country again. This is not a crazy story. In fact, a lot of people have decided to visit Costa Rica over and over again just because of how stunning the small country is.

This Central American nation doesn’t have a lot of people, but is blessed with gifts from nature. Some of the most unique species of animals can be found in this country. You may go on a wildlife trip to see these stunning creatures.

Most of all, you can enjoy a day in the sun when you are in a beach in Costa Rica. There are tons of choices available for you. Choose the perfect beach based on your preference of activities. The reason why people keep coming back is because there are so many beaches in the country to visit.

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Playa Conchal for instance is perfect if you are into surfing. The huge waves are just amazing. You need to be an expert in surfing to survive those waves. Even if you are just on the shore watching, you will already feel satisfied.

Tamarindo Beach is the other option if you want surfing. The waves are just right so if you are a beginner, this won’t be a problem for you.

There are a lot more to discover in Costa Rica even if it is just a small country. Hence, you need to plan your trip there now. The infographic below discusses the options on which beach would be perfect to visit. For sure, just like other people, you will keep on coming back.

Top 10 Most Amazing Beaches In Costa Rica

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