Top 6 Instagram Trends to Start Using Now for 2019

Top 6 Instagram Trends to Start Using Now for 2019
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Top 6 Instagram Trends to Start Using Now for 2019

More than 80% users of Instagram follow one business at least, and over 200 million users visit one business profile at least, daily. Also, Instagram is a platform which is continuously launching new features every day and converting itself into a highly cooperate-friendly environment. Now it has become clear that things about to become creative as well as exciting next year.

This platform has not remained only a place of posting pretty images; this is a channel of engaging with the customers, sharing new experiences and building the community of the raving fans which keep coming to the channel for more. Here are the trends which are highlighted for helping you in the battle of low levels of engagement, increasing your followers, and aid you in tracking the most successful content.

Thus, let’s dive in the trends which are expected to be seen on Instagram in 2019:

  1. Personalized Content Practices

Like many other kinds of social media, Instagram has now jumped on bandwagon of personalization. This platform carefully curates the individual feed of the user by using the data driven from the posts which they have interacted with and liked. This offers users a highly personalized and curated experience, however, brands can get the creative personalized experiences also for each user out of algorithm of Instagram.

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In fact, around one-third of the online shoppers tell that they make use of social channels for browsing for the new items for buying, with the Instagram becoming the second spot after the Facebook as one of the highly famous networks for shopping online. Although these aren’t the purchasing-on-platform case which IG shopping is going to provide, still they give brands a chance of sharing their recent lines with the customers.

  1. Brand Customized Augmented Reality Filters

The Augmented Reality is going to rule the world of social media and will truly and one of the largest trends on Instagram in 2019. At F8 conference by Facebook, there was a heavy focus laid on VR and AR. Also, although it appears just like the feature of the futuristic sci-fi movie, these kinds of technology will become a norm on social media.

Like the cute face filters which are already doing their best – these are the kind of AR as well as exhibit all the innovative possibilities of this technology – however there will be customized stickers also on Instagram, also, like more businesses make their own stickers and GIFs which can be utilized in the stories for promoting their business.

  1. Product tagging and Instagram Shopping
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There is a lot of talk about the new shopping platform which coming on Instagram in next year. The IG shopping will allow users to scroll through the products of brands which they follow before buying directly on the platform. If you consider that 5 out of 6 users on Instagram follow one business at least, this can be huge news for the brands on Instagram. Shopping has now become a famous activity on Instagram and this will bring users out of the frustration for navigating out of the platform for making the purchase.

  1. Instagram Story with Ads

More than 400 million users view Instagram stories each day. Along with this, there is an increase in the cost of Facebook advertising, which shows a lot of brands converting into stories advertising. Though it is still very early with such kind of advertising, it is reaping high results for the brands already and will become the biggest trend of Instagram in 2019. Take an example of the Gap campaign which made the 17-point uplift in the ad recall as well as 73% high click rate than the previous ads which were posted simply on a feed of Instagram Buy automatic likes.

  1. Creative Usage of the Instagram Stories
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Originally, Instagram limited its feature of stories to the videos of a length of 15 seconds, however, it has blown its limit since then. Now, if you post a video with the longer length, this app will slice it to segments of 15 seconds automatically which seamlessly start to follow on one after another.

It means that you don’t need worrying about the timing of your videos for seconds and instead, can focus on making epic content which your audience admires. Begin making out much time for planning and producing the creative content of stories by making use of tools such as Sked which lets you of scheduling and posting the stories contents automatically through the desktop.

  1. Larger Emphasis on UGC

The Research shows posts which feature UGC gain 5% higher rate of conversion on Instagram than the posts which don’t feature UGC. With the status like these, it is of no wonder that you must incorporate the content created by the customers Instagram Story Dimensions for your marketing purposes. Due to this sort of the content, you can have well-trusted and potential buyers in the future.


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