Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs its Own App to Survive in 2019

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs its Own App to Survive in 2019
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A lot of you hold this misconception that mobile apps are meant for the large businesses or, the startups that initiated themselves with an app. Well, that’s not right! We are currently in the year 2019, talking of advancements in technology, and using technology as an assistant. At this point in time, you simply cannot ignore the versatility and the kind of help technology can offer to businesses.

Let us put it in a way you can understand. Why did you use the medium of the Internet to connect with your customers? The way to the customer’s heart is through the medium they are present on. Today, the customers are mostly present on mobile, mostly comprising of smartphones. As a business, you ought to be found, and the only way to do so is the mobile app. If we are being clear to you in any way, then continue reading to find out why a mobile app is relevant to your business in 2019, and how you can connect and communicate with your customers through the app.

You are visible  

Your business or, you as the face of the business are visible to the customers all the time. On average, the customer spends close to an hour to two in the entire day hooked on to the mobile phone.

The total mobile app downloads in 2018 was 205.4 Bn, while it was 178.1Bn in 2017

App Downlods

According to a study conducted by Manifesta, 51% of the mobile app users open an app anywhere between 1 and 10 times during the day.

From these two statistics, you can clearly see how mobile app users behave, and the number of downloads that these apps enjoy in a particular year. Even if your app is not immediately downloaded, if it is relevant to them, and you are visible to them, chances are your business will be called upon by the customers at some point in time.

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You will only be noticed when you are present on the medium they are most familiar and less apprehensive about.

Ability to personalize improves

What is that one thing that attracts customers to businesses in modern times? The ability to personalize and customize based on the complete understanding of the customer’s needs and their attitude towards the products. Amazon is a great example of how personalization occurs.

They study your browsing and also your past purchases, and give recommendations, both for products and sale, based on these factors. They keep improving based on the recommendations that you click on, and the ones that you avoid. These insights help the app become better versions of the offline business, and increase the conversion for the business.

An app allows you to dig deeper into the customer’s usage behavior and how they think while purchasing a product. It also helps understand the user better, and improves the chances of personalizing the product or app for their usage.

A direct connection with the customers

Till date, the businesses had no direct communication with the customers. There was no way in which the customers could connect with the businesses, and ensure their needs are taken care of. The mobile app is the first instance of a connection, and it will just help improve your business in 2019.

Whether you want to review the product you have bought, want to connect with the management of the business or, simply want to send feedback, you have better prospects of doing so with a mobile app.

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When the customer knows that they can connect with anyone and everyone in the business, they are more relieved and happy to interact with you. The business app offers the customers and the business better chances of knowing and interacting with each other.

Enhances the customer’s experience

The business experience matters the most to the customers, and your mobile app is going to give them enough reasons to enjoy a good experience because of the ease of use and the ability to integrate every bit of the mobile technology.

If the user knows how to use the app, and can do so without having to face any difficulties or a bigger learning curve, then you know you have chances of improving your conversion. Moreover, the customers get a faster way to the products and can know of the updates in a better way with the mobile app. This faster and easier way of getting involved with the business, helps them stay engaged, and increases your profitability.

Improved channel for marketing

What is marketing? It is all about educating the customers and making them aware of the products/services you are offering. This has become easier with the mobile app solutions. You can list out all the products, offer better search features, send updates via news to the customers and help the customers get information at their fingertips with the mobile app.

The idea is to enhance marketing efforts and make it stronger for the customers. This channel offers you better insights into the customers and allows you to send messages related to upcoming sales, products etc. to the customers to keep them hooked on to the business, and give them a chance to complete the purchase.

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Give a solid brand experience

Your mobile app is the face of the brand that people will see, and you ought to make sure the users recognize your brand and are connected to your brand. Make sure your mobile app has all the features that your customers are looking for, and are in sync with the offline business you have so steadily built.

The mobile app will help gain a voice for your business. the more people see it, the more effective the brand becomes, and the more profitable your overall business is.

Summing up

Your mobile app is your voice in the market, and it will help you win against the competition. You will be able to establish a niche within the competitive market with this app.

We also believe that in today’s time, loyalty is commanded by the app that offers the best deals to the customers, and increases their value for money. With such commendable opportunities that you are getting with the mobile app, it is imperative you get one developed for your business now.

If you are looking for someone who can convert your idea into an app or, help you with the ideation process itself, connect with us. Coruscate is the end-to-end mobile app development company can help you not just with the ideas, but also with end-to-end mobile app development.

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